When to replace your in-ground pool liners?

When to replace your in-ground pool liners

A pool liner is an option worth considering when building your home pool. They used for both in-ground, above-ground, and albatross pools. Pool liner is a worthwhile investment because it has a long life span. To be specific, the life of an in-ground pool liner is expected to be 10 years or more. It is dependent on its material type, the condition of the water materials, and even how well it was originally installed. 

Regardless of how good the durability of the pool liner is, there will be signs of deterioration. For example, many cracks appear on the liner, the colour of the liner has faded away. You need to fix it to ensure aesthetics, or more we need to replace it. Or else, these reasons will cause water waste and may affect the pool’s rigid frame. Blue Pools and Spas will give you some helpful information on the lifespan of the in-ground pool liner and cover some of the signs when you should replace it.

3 Signals to replace the in-ground pool liners

The lifespan of a pool liner can be up to 10 years or more, depending on the conditions of use, as previously mentioned. 

When used for a long time, it could be affect by many natural and human-made factors, such as absorbing UV rays from solar energy, water chemical composition impact, human impact during use, etc.

If the factors affect the pool liner for a long time, it will make the liner more brittle, causing breakage and impacting the durability of the pool.

To help you recognize the early signs of damage to the pool liner, Blue pools and Spas will suggest four common signs when the pool liner is showing signs of deterioration. Deciding you need to contact a professional contractor team for repair or replace it.

  • The cracks appear around the liner edge 

Cracks in the pool liner will appear at the pool’s surface were always expose to sunlight and were affect by chemicals that keep the water clean.

Leading to the phenomenon that the liner will become brittle, easily broken, and lead to water leakage. If you see multiple cracks forming in one area or if tears continue to appear throughout the pool’s surface, you should replace the liner as soon as possible.

  • The pool water rapidly decrease after 24 hours

Checking for cracks on the in-ground pool liner is not an easy task. Because they can be hard to find due to their tiny size, especially if they appear inside the bottom of the pool. One of the solutions is to conduct a water leakage test. You can do this with a bucket test or mark the water level and wait one day to see if the amount of water loss is much or not. If your pool has a water level gauge, check how much water is lost. If you lose about 10cm – 20cm (0,33ft – 0,66ft) after 24 hours, you should immediately repair your pool.

  • The liner is stain or fade 

With the impact of sunlight and some substances in the pool water, the liner will become discoloured. If the pool water is now much lighter and no longer as dark green as it was before, this is a sign that you should change the in-ground pool liner.

Because the colour of the liner determines the water pool colour, if it fades away, it means that the liner has been used for a long time. This is one of the easiest ways to check your pool liner condition for replacement or repair.

When is the best time to replace your in-ground pool liners?

There are many factors worth paying attention to during the process, especially the weather factor because it will determine the work speed and the working environment. Spring (from September to December) and Autumn (from March to May) are the most suitable time to replace the in-ground pool liner. The weather in these two seasons is quite pleasant, the temperature is mild and warm, and there is little rainfall ideal for pool liner replacement. 

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