As Melbourne’s premier pool builder, Blue Pools + Spas is setting new standards in pool construction.
Our expertise spans both concrete and fiberglass pools, where we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology, craftsmanship, and top-tier customer service.

With over two decades of experience, we stand as industry leaders, offering unparalleled proficiency in every facet of fiberglass and concrete pool construction.

Blue Pools+ Spas introduces a range of technically advanced fiberglass pools, honed over our 20-year journey. Our collection boasts a wide array of contemporary designs, colors, and finishes, providing you with an abundance of choices.

We can transform your bespoke vision into a reality, with endless possibilities to explore.

We have high quality standards, and we work with purpose and dedication always keeping an eye on exciting opportunities

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Concrete Pools
If you're considering building a pool, there are many good reasons to choose concrete. Concrete pools offer unparalleled design possibilities, making them a popular choice in Melbourne
Pool Equipment
Do not choose your pool equipment lightly, as the smooth running of the facility, and by the same token, your comfort, depend upon it.
Fibreglass Pools
Looking for a pool that's quick to install, easy to maintain, and budget-friendly? Look no further than our range of fiberglass pools.
Choose from an impressive selection of over 30 striking designs, catering to various needs, from compact lifestyle pools to extended lap pools.