Concrete Pools

If you’re considering building a pool, there are many good reasons to choose concrete. Concrete pools offer unparalleled design possibilities, making them a popular choice in Melbourne. Here are some reasons why:

  • Concrete pools are highly adaptable, allowing for customization to meet any size, shape, or depth requirement.
  • These pools offer a luxurious look that’s often associated with hotels and resorts.
  • With a variety of interior finishes to choose from, including colored render or tiles that match your home decor, the possibilities are endless.
  • In addition, concrete pools can last several decades compared to fibreglass versions, providing years of enjoyment for you and your family.‍

Our concrete pools offer a vast array of possibilities, and we specialize in:

  • Custom concrete pools
  • Standard concrete pools
  • Concrete lap pools
  • Concrete plunge pools
  • Negative/wet edge pools
  • Limited access concrete pools
  • Concrete pools for challenging sites
  • Concrete spas

We also offer a range of custom options, such as in-floor cleaning and acrylic windows

Concrete pool construction process

Excavating a pool is a crucial step in the construction process, ensuring that the ground is prepared correctly for the pool’s installation. The excavation must be accurate to the pool size.

Building the pool involves using a wet shotcrete system and to create the basin. We use strong 35 MPA concrete with thicknesses of 18-20 cm for walls and 20-25 cm for the floor. Inside, there’s a metal framework with 12 mm rods .The perimeter beam also uses 12 mm rods. After this, the concrete shell needs 2-3 weeks to cure.

The rendering of the concrete shell provides a smooth, clean surface for the pool tiling, a mix of sand and cement with additives allows for building up certain areas to the pool’s final internal dimensions

Supply and installation of ceramic 48x48mm pool tiles and matching grout. We have a whole range of different materials, sizes and colours available.

As a preliminary Step, as licensed builders we will need to issue a building permit for your project. This will involve independent engineers designing your pool based on a soil report and a building surveyor submitting all the required documents to local council.