What are the benefits of smart pools?

What are the benefits of smart pools?

Over the last years, technology altered every aspect of our lives, and it is becoming increasingly sophisticated and intuitive. While smart pools are not yet widespread, they are gaining appeal in Australia and the rest of the world. 

Smart swimming pools might be an ideal solution for families who want the experience of having a large, private swimming pool but lack the time and energy to maintain a regular pool. The smart swimming pools will help you a lot in bringing great relaxing moments by automatic functions. 

Blue Pools and Spas will cover all you need to know about smart pools in this post to determine whether a smart pool is a good fit for you and your family.

What is a smart pool?

A smart pool is quite similar to a typical pool with one significant difference—automation. In comparison to a traditional swimming pool, smart pools (also known as intelligent pools, future pools, or clever pools) have the potential to be completely automated.  

A smart pool can be automated more than ever thanks to modern technology and advances in the swimming pool business. You can spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it as a result.  From lighting to temperature control to cleaning procedures, a smart pool effectively takes care of itself. Providing you with significantly fewer duties and more free time to enjoy the pool of your dreams. 

Smart pools for recreational and sports activities and controls the parameters of chemicals and water present in the lake. Make the management, maintenance, and change of pool water simpler, less time-consuming. The pool operating system program to be compatible with all smart devices running on android and ios operating systems. 

Smart pools: What components of a pool can be automated?

All pool care and maintenance will be automated with a smart pool. Here are a few popular automatic pool systems.

  • Pool Cleaning

Manually maintaining a pool is a major task, pool care involves balancing chemicals, cleaning the pool, and fishing out trash. While these tasks aren’t enjoyable, they are vital to protect your investment. Automated self-cleaning pools of smart pools keep your pool sparkling clean whenever you want to use it.

  • Pool Heating

One of the most requested features of smart pools is the ability to change the pool’s temperature remotely. They allow you to make modifications from anywhere. It is especially beneficial for travellers. You can switch off your pool heater to save electricity while away, then put it back on when you return home to a warm pool.

  • Pool Pumps

Due to the inefficiency of pumps, the average pool owner uses their pool pump far too little. Most people who run their pumps manually don’t run them as often or as long as they save electricity. The outcome is a pool with uneven chemical mixing, cool areas, and bacterial development. Automated intelligent pool pumps eliminate the need to worry about improper pool pump usage. They use roughly 85% less energy than a traditional pump, so you can leave the smart pool running 24/7 without fear of an energy bill.

What are the benefits of smart pools?

From the definition of a smart swimming pool, let’s find out with Blue Pool and Spas how smart pools can bring a comfortable life to your family. The advantages of the smart pools can be mentioned as the ability to control all information about water quality, water level, even the amount of salt and chemicals in the water with a sensor system inside the pool and synchronize information right on your smart device. As a result, having a smart pool can save costs, time, and effort spent on pool maintenance and operation. 

  • Easy-to-operate

To a traditional pool, the owner is responsible for all operational elements. On the other hand, automated pools or smart pools can be operated remotely. If you want to jump into your pool as soon as you arrive home from work, you can prepare it ahead of time using an app.

They are all manual tasks that everybody who has a swimming pool should do. You have to make sure the chemicals in water are just enough to keep the water clean and safe for your health.  All information for the amount of water, the number of chemicals in the water, and the water temperature will display on the automatic operating system. They can be synchronize to your phone or tablet through the app on both Android and IOS. 

  • Time-saving  

We spent a lot of time preparing for a great pool to enjoy your day include cleaning it, filtering water, adding cleaning chemicals, even waiting for heating water. You don’t want to take plenty of time to prepare for your pool to have a better relaxing time.

Just use your imagination, you can turn on your smart pool to prepare everything from warm water, relax mode and check water quality. When you get home, it’s just a matter of soaking in the warm water with a  massage mode after a long day at work.

  • Money-saving

Smart pools are a long-term investment, maybe it takes a lot of initial money, but after that, you will save much money for operating and maintenance. With the latest techniques to save your electricity for operating, saving money for maintenance and filtering teams. 

Many families are often concerned about the cost of owning a smart swimming pool. However, you can choose the necessary functions and remove some unnecessary features to minimize the costs. 

  • Valuable equipment

Smart pools are a piece of equipment that is an attractive addition to your home. Great way to stay fit and healthy as well as relax, smart swimming pools only have beauty benefits. A home with a swimming pool is more expensive than other, but a home with a smart pool is one in which potential purchasers will be willing to invest a significant amount of money. 

A smart pool is an ideal approach to ensure that your property’s value increases, as it simplifies and expedites many elements of pool ownership. Additionally, it future-proofs your pool by guaranteeing it will remain functional for many years to come.

Find the Best out of all Pool Builders to Build your Smart Pool

If you’re considering a new smart pool, Blue Pools and Spas will be delighted to assist you throughout the design process. Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with owners of traditional pools who wish to automate and modernize their current pool. Kindly contact us and we will do our best to find the best solution for your family’s unique circumstances.

Blue Pools & Spas offers a capable and experienced workforce. We’ll collaborate with you to find the ideal combination of features and design elements for you to build a backyard paradise you’ll enjoy for years to come. With a professional team and many years of experience, Blue pools and Spas will bring great renovation solutions to its customers. We also provide a long-term swimming pool maintenance policy to bring peace of mind to customers during the use of the pool. 

If you have any questions about smart swimming pools, do not hesitate to contact us.