What is the best pool renovation idea for you?

What is the best pool renovation idea for you?

Summer is coming and your swimming pool will be the main focus of any events. But when you check the condition of your pool, you realize several problems need renovation, and the pool is not ready to use. Typical issues include rusted pool water, damaged vinyl liners, cracked pool liners, and so on. All of these are signs that you need to conduct pool renovations to provide a better and safer experience for yourself and your family. 

To answer the question “How can pool renovations be as effective and as low-risk as possible?”. 

In this article, we will look at the numerous ways you may renovate your swimming pool, the things to consider while looking for pool repair services, and when is the best time for pool maintenance.

Pool Renovation: Is Your Pool Prepared for Summer?

Renovating a swimming pool shouldn’t be done by one person because pool renovation needs lots of work and repairs to consider. There are several reasons you might want to renovate your pool: If one or more of the components is broken or worn out; if the design appears antiquated or tacky; or if safety has become a concern owing to cracked or broken pool walls and a damaged liner. 

All of these issues can and should be resolved with a few well-placed modifications. However, you should always seek advice from a professional before making a decision. Additionally, it is prudent to replace your pool filters during a renovation. Blue Pools and Spas‘s expert staff is more than willing to assist you with your selections.

Pool Renovation Idea for Your Pool

Swimming pools require maintenance to ensure optimal operation, avoid or repair costly leaks and damage, and make swimming more enjoyable. If you decide to sell your property in the future, a renovated pool will undoubtedly increase your home’s curb appeal.

Consult with pool renovation professionals to ensure you can begin enjoying your refurbished pool sooner and without missing any pool time. The following are some pool renovation ideas that will enhance both the appearance and performance of the pool.

  • Replace a vinyl liner

If your inground pool has a vinyl liner, it will need updating at some point. A pool liner has a lifespan of five to nine years, if yours is older than that or you see your water level dropping more than an inch per week, it is most likely leaking and should be replaced. Replacing your pool’s vinyl liner allows pool professionals to assess and repair any issues underneath.

  • New Decking

If the decking surrounding your pool is worn, broken, or damaged, consider repairing it, you have several options for your swimming pools. The cheapest choice is standard broom concrete, whereas pavers are affordable and have patterns to simulate brick or stone.

Non-glazed tile is elegant and will not get slippery when wet. While stone is more expensive, it is elegant and blends well with nature. While concrete can be textured or stamped to provide several new styles, certain types of concrete can become slippery when wet. 

Consult a professional to determine the best solution for your space and budget. With many years of experience, Blue Pools and Spas is proud to be a leading pool renovation unit in Australia. In addition, we bring many solutions for your swimming pools and turn them into smart pools at the most reasonable cost. 

  • Lights and Equipment Consume Less Energy

Reduce your electric bill by replacing your pool’s lighting and equipment with energy-efficient models. LED lights are a cost-effective, long-lasting lighting solution for pools installed both in and around the water. Additionally, LED lights to come in several alternating colours, allowing you to use lighting to set the ambience for your pool.

There are other energy-efficient pool equipment alternatives such as solar-powered lights and heaters. Energy-efficient pools are money-saving solutions and increase the value of your house if you ever decide to sell.

  • Water-Related Features

A waterfall’s calming noises might transform your backyard pool into a spa experience – or provide something new for the youngsters to splash each other with, including spray jets or fountains that offer visual interest as well. These elements are frequently affordable additions to an existing pool and time-saving to install them.

  • Landscaping

Is your pool deck a haven for sun worshippers every afternoon? Do you require additional seclusion, shade, or colour in your space? Landscape design is the technique to transform a flat, scorching pool area into a tranquil green haven. 

You can increase aesthetic attractiveness by adding trees, shrubs, and planter boxes filled with flowers and grasses, as well as modern ground coverings such as river rock or pea gravel.


An inground pool is a fantastic way for you and your family to have fun and relax. However, after time, the pool and its surroundings may come to appear and feel run-down, out of date, and shabby. The good news is that there are numerous ways to update and modernize your pool area without completely knocking it down and starting anew.

This summer, renovate your inground pool completely; your pool can be resurfaced with a range of materials, ranging from quartz to marble. Consider whether some well-thought-out renovations would enable you to get the most out of your inground pool throughout the lovely summer months. Our experts can assist you in developing a refurbishment plan that is tailor to your specific needs, desires, and budget.

Final thoughts about pool renovation

There are many ways to conduct pool renovation including aesthetics, health quality, and safety for users. Aesthetically, you can proceed to replace the tile inside or around the pool or choose to replace the pool liner. In addition, you can change the scenery around the pool to create accents. 

Hopefully, through this article, you have been equipped with many ideas to renovate your swimming pool. If you have successfully renovated yours, do not hesitate to share the results with us

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