Albatross Pool Liner Replacement Cost and Process

6 Steps to complete albatross pool liner replacement

Is your pool liner past its prime? Is your in-ground pool liner wrinkled? If this is the case, it may be time to contact a professional pool builder for pool liner replacement.  What is the procedure to replace the pool liner? While there are many different types of pools, the liner replacement process remains relatively similar, including the albatross pool liner replacement process, concrete pool process, or even for a fibreglass pool. This Blue Pools and Spas’ article will introduce the steps to replacing the pool liner that your family can replace at home.

How much does Albatross pool liner replacement cost in Melbourne?

The cost of Albatross pool liner replacement can vary based on several factors, including the size and shape of the pool, the type of liner material, labor costs in the region, and any additional work that might be needed during the replacement. It’s always best to obtain quotes directly from providers for the most accurate information.

6 Steps to complete albatross pool liner replacement

Numerous variables can shorten the life of your pool liner, including the sun’s UV rays and improper water balancing. The following are some symptoms that your pool liner requires replacement. If you do the replacement yourself without a professional, you will need some specialized equipment and basic knowledge. Blue pools and Spas will share with you six steps to replace the swimming pool liner.

  • Draining the swimming pool

The first step of the albatross pool liner replacement process is to empty the pool. If your above-ground pool has a main drain, all you need to do is connect a hose to it and open the plug to empty the pool. Otherwise, you’ll need a pump to drain your pool. In any scenario, ensure that the hose is directed toward a drainage system to avoid flooding your yard.

  • Discarding the previous pool liner

After draining the pool, remove the old pool liner with a utility knife. Additionally, slicing it into sections will make it much easier to roll and dispose of them later. To remove overlap pool liners from the walls, you’ll need to remove the top rails. Take note of any pool hardware that you remove throughout this process. 

Place screws and bolts in a tiny Ziploc bag, label them and keep them in a secure location to prevent them from being lost. Additionally, inspect the coping strips, as they tend to grow brittle with age. Almost always, you’ll need to repair the coping strips whenever you replace your pool liner.

  • Preparing the Pool Floor

It is critical to prepare the pool before complete Albatros pool liner replacement because the liner is the most sensitive component of an above-ground swimming pool. You want to ensure that there is nothing on the ground that could puncture it. The preparations and above ground pool levelling solutions that require will vary according to the sort of floor you have.

Sand floors smooth and level the surface by removing high points and filling in low ones. Additionally, inspect the sand cove and shore it up if necessary. The cove is a sand wedge that supports the liner and keeps it from slipping beneath the pool wall. Additionally, it acts as a protective barrier, shielding the liner from any damage caused by the pool’s metal frame.

  • Preparing the Pool Wall

Conduct a visual inspection of the metal frames for signs of rust and corrosion. If any scrapes are visible in the wall, sand them down and paint them over with rust conversion paint. You have to put the duct tape on all bolt holes and heads to prevent them from coming into direct contact with the pool liner.

  • Consulting the weather forecast

The optimum time to install the pool liner is during the summer. The sun’s heat will soften and stretch the vinyl pool liner, making it much easier to install. In an ideal world, the skies should be clear, the winds should be calm, and there should be no indication of rain. Pool lining work will take about 1-2 days, so you should check the weather for those days to conduct this work. Since the first job in starting a liner change is to drain the pool, you don’t want it to be filled with rainwater again.

  • Installing the Pool Liner 

There are many types of pool liners on the market, so you need to determine the thickness and colour of the front and back of the rim because each change will create a different effect for the pool. Bring the new pool liner to the pool and begin unrolling or unfolding it outwards or toward the pool walls. Take care, as the lining is quite sensitive. While spreading the liner, use moderate pushing and pulling strokes. At all costs, avoid dragging it across the pool floor.

Bring the pool liner’s edges over and above the walls once it reaches the walls. On the outside of the pool, have someone pull the liner and secure it in place with coping strips. Vacuum-setting the pool liner can significantly aid in reducing wrinkles created by trapped air between the liner and the pool bottom and walls. 

Fill the pool to a depth of at least six inches to allow the bottom to settle somewhat on the pool floor and stretch the liner’s walls. It will slightly remove any stretched pool liner and smooth out any remaining wrinkles. While filling the pool, keep the vacuum running. 

Once the pool liner has settled on the pool floor, proceed along the pool walls and re-adjust the coping strips one by one to relieve tension on the liner walls, which can cause them to overstretch.

Continue filling the pool with water until everything is in place. Once the swimming pools are full of water, you can begin reinstalling the faceplates and other objects before installing the new pool liner.


Although replacing a pool liner can be laborious and demanding, it is manageable if you follow the steps and recommendations above on how to install or replace an above-ground pool liner. By replacing your own above-ground pool liner, you can save hundreds of dollars that you can put toward other projects such as landscaping your yard or purchasing accessories for your above-ground pool.   

However, if you are unsure about how to replace the pool liner, our pool repair and replacement technicians at Blue Pools and Saps have years of expertise in repairing and replacing pool liners. We’ve seen it all and can assist you in determining the source of any damage. 

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