Calculating Infinity Pool Cost: A Lifetime-Worth Investment

Infinity Pool

It is simply impossible for a conversation about the best swimming pool type to exist without mentioning an infinity pool. It can provide you with an unsurpassable experience as far as a personal swimming pool goes.

Besides bringing a high living atmosphere to your residence, it can also “gives the impression that it merges into the ocean or other surrounding landscape.” And those are not even our words, but Lexico, the online dictionary from Oxford!

If you are ready to have such fantastic enjoyment around the water, Blue Pools and Spas team will help you dive into many waves of information about this gorgeous pool type.

Top 5 Indoor/outdoor Infinity Pool Designs

Words could not describe enough how gorgeous they are. Therefore, here are some pictures and details about five outstanding indoor/outdoor infinity pool designs chosen by us to give you a better look at this top-tier bathing pool.

  • Above-ground infinity pool

infinity pool cost
Above-ground infinity pool

A show-stopping infinity pool design at The Warehouse Hotel in Singapore, with a magnificent view over the Singapore River.

People often appraise it as one of the highlights of fancy resorts and hotels worldwide. The ability to harmonize with the surrounded natural or modern environment would be cranked to the max when you lounge in one.

  • Backyard infinity pool

Backyard infinity pool
Backyard infinity pool

A sublime infinity pool design is the pinnacle feature of a beautiful backyard garden behind a suburb house.

A pool is always the centre of any backyard party or gathering. So, why not upgrade the venture to the highest with an infinity one?

  • Balcony infinity pool

Balcony infinity pool
Balcony infinity pool

A large personal infinity swimming pool can be used to maximize the main feature of a house’s balcony.

You can take advantage of a balcony and turn it into a must-visit location for a residence by adding an infinity bath. It would be great for combining relaxation and sightseeing after a long working day.

  • Indoor swimming pool

Indoor Swimming Pool
Indoor Swimming Pool

A beautiful concept of an infinity bath inside to bring private refreshments for family members.

Who says that a lovely infinity swimming pool must always be outside? With the idea of an indoor pool and the features of an infinity pool, lounging inside your place would never be the same.

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  • Rooftop infinity pool

Infinity Rooftop Pool
Infinity Rooftop Pool

A stunning, all-white-and-blue infinity pool design at the top of Brooklyn Point, Downtown Brooklyn, New York City. It is also the highest infinity pool in Western Hemisphere.

Widely considered one indispensable component for deluxe hotels, this is one of the best ways on Earth to enjoy the magnificent cityscapes above. With enough resources, you can appreciate this luxury right at your doorsteps.

Now that you have a better sight of the concept and the experience that a pool could bring, let’s dive even deeper into more details about what makes it so great.

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So. . .What is An Infinity Pool?

Also known as a “zero-edge,” “vanishing edge,” or “negative edge” pool, the term “infinity pool” refers to a pool that has the top of the water at the same level as the edges surrounding it, which provides the optical illusion that “seems, to someone in the pool, to stretch to the horizon,” according to another definition from the Cambridge Dictionary.

The visual effect came from the fact that it has no swim current but one or more exposed walls, which are 1⁄16 to 1⁄4 inch (2 to 6 mm) lower than the required pool water level. There is a trough, or a catch basin, constructed below the weir, which water from above the pool would flow down into it.

Then, the water would get pumped back into the pool, creating an “infinity” loop to provide water for the bath.

Because an infinity pool is significantly expensive and often built in precarious locations, it must have sound structural engineering and extensive structural, mechanical, and architectural detailing for the foundation systems.

Its specialty comes from the fact that it is regarded as one of the top upgrade packages for a deluxe swimming experience compared to a typical residence’s swimming pool.

You can easily see one at high-quality holiday destinations because the excitement and thrill you can get while lounging in one is second to none.

Yes, it would require a relatively large sum of budget and time for the materials, necessary equipment, and construction phases. But if your ambition is large enough, all prices would be worthwhile eventually.

What Are The Advantages of An Infinity Pool?

  • Provide a fantastic experience

As mentioned a handful of times above, there is nothing like being in an infinity pool as with other pool designs.

Depending on the environment surrounding your bath, you can feel like a royal family member on top of a high palace, who is enjoying the luxury around the water like nobody else;
or a character in an old fairy tale, playing in a water pool surrounded by layers of trees in a magical forest.

  • Uplift the residence’s value

Any variety of expensive pools could make any house more valuable. The higher its price, the greater the overall quality of a residence would turn out to be. And in the context of a house’s infinity pool, it is guaranteed that this bonus condition elevation of your estate would be absolute to the moon.

  • Can be built on sloping ground

An infinity bath needs a slope to hide the holding tank, which is the second pool below that water that falls from the edge of the main pool would flow into and get pumped back into the pool. If there is no slope, an artificial one must be created to fulfil the design.

The reason for this particular design is to maintain the optical illusion of having no barricades that can interrupt the sightseeing experience.

Therefore, because of its overall design, an infinity pool is tremendous for utilizing any sloping terrace of your estate. In contrast, a mundane swimming pool would meet a few circumstances on a slope’s building process.

  • Being environmentally friendly

In continuation with the aspect right above, the essential purpose of the holding tank is to have no water waste by recycling the water continuously, minimizing the need for excessive sanitation and constant draining.

Thus, with proper maintenance of the filtration system, infinity pool owners would have less concern about water spillage and cleaning.

How much does it cost to build an infinity pool in Australia?

There is no wonder that the total charge for an infinity pool would cost more exceeding than a typical residence’s swimming pool would. Although each infinity bath design expects a different figure, it would still be about $10,000 – $20,000 higher than a standard fibreglass pool with no vanishing edge.

There are a few reasons for this matter.

  • First, this design conspicuously calls for two separate pools – the main swimming pool and the second pool, a.k.a. the holding tank. The holding tank would hold about one-third of the total water amount in the main pool. Thus, its size, likewise, would only be about one-third of the main one. It requires the collaboration of them both for the optical trick to work.
  • The following reasoning is also concerning the holding tank. Because this format would recycle water constantly, you must invest in a verily ideal filtration system. Also, you must make sure to conserve it regularly for the system to cycle water correctly.
  • Thirdly, numerous infinity pool arrangements involve serious types of laminated glass as the infinity pool edges to extend the horizon-bathing experience. It would escalate the budget much juxtaposed with basic pool tiles or fibreglass.
  • And last but not least, because of all those additional requirements, you would need more experts and labour in this project to ensure that the result would come out nicely.

In quick estimation, depending on various variables listed aloft that you may have for your infinity swimming pool, the final price could lie somewhere between $65,000 to $110,000.

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Not only an infinity swimming pool can become an enchanting work of art for many homeowners, but it can also provide users with excitement and emotions that are beyond their expectations.

Who doesn’t want to have the horizon within their reach while being one with the neighbouring environment, right?  You can have that incredible experience when relaxing inside an infinity pool.

Even though its budget may appear like an issue to some people, an infinity pool is still a worthwhile investment if your financial situation can handle the cost. The image of you and your residence will not be the only things that got elevated, but your life, in general, would be too.

All those last-a-lifetime benefits are guaranteed to be worth making the decision.

If you have your budget prepared already and have settled on an infinity pool, the next thing to do would be to contact Blue Pools and Spas, the top-tier Melbourne-based solution for every infinity pool needs in Australia.

With more than a decade of experience and expertise and cooperation with worldwide trusted pool-related brands, our team’s skills can satisfy all clients’ expectations, not just on infinity pools but also on any pool projects.

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