All You Need To Know About Luxury Swimming Pool


Suppose you build a private luxury swimming pool; you definitely should not compromise on any element of the design or construction. Every single utility is important as others, especially when you have an indoor pool as a sizeable investment.

So, what makes a pool spectacular, splendid, and the envy of your friend? Here are a few ideas that will help design a gorgeous pool and give you years of pleasure.

First, Five Luxury Swimming Pool Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

#1. Swimming pool with a built-in water roller coaster

Have you ever dared to think about it? Nothing can make it stand out more than a private pool with a roller coaster. You witness these things in a water park or maybe . . . Tycoon 3, but you could have your own.

We don’t talk about childish water slides or similar things. A roller coaster will significantly raise the cost of construction and require unique design from experts or even some special permission, but it’s worth any price!

Swimming pool with a water roller-coaster

#2. Swimming pool with impressing waterfalls and landscape

The smooth, elegant water flow is an excellent way of providing tranquillity and luxury to your private pool.

Consider incorporating plants’ lush and verdant feeling into your waterfalls or landscape. You can create a perfect oasis or a secret garden that makes you feel like you’re immersing in the tropical jungle of the Amazon.

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Luxury swimming pool with impressing waterfalls and landscape

#3. Hi-tech swimming pool for the real big player

There’re so many features that could level up your fancy pool and on the topic of hi-tech pools, a hidden luxury swimming pool is just an essential idea. The moving floor keeps your pool hidden under your deck and slowly moves or submerges, exposing the pool. This idea can be plotted from a flat deck, then gliding and submerging reveal three stages of the pool: a tanning ledge, a hydraulic jacuzzi area, and the main pool spreading.

Stunning and dazzling LED lighting could be put at the bottom of the pool to map a complex lighting exhibition, and incorporate the flaring light on the dome of the pool into making a house party for the real big players!

Other utilities, such as high-end sound systems and the wireless control unit, are fundamental and should be considered must-have items. Remember that you plan to make a stunning and luxurious swimming pool; make sure it deserves your investment.

Hi-tech swimming pool for the real big player
Hi-tech swimming pool for the real big player

#4. In-house luxury swimming pools that are literally at the heart of your house

In-door pool could be a huge sauna and jacuzzi integrated into your 500 square feet bathing and relaxing area. It might be an entertainment complex with an indoor pool that extends and directly connects with the family cinema.

The in-house luxury pool also could be a huge round pool right at the heart of the house, on the ground floor, with a super big skylight. Go vertically through 2 floors of your modern villa, dive into the water, and dive into the light simultaneously, stunning!

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in-house luxury swimming pool
The in-house luxury swimming pool could be added any essential things

#5. The iconic design of all time, the rooftop endless swimming pool

This has never been an old-fashioned oat; the rooftop endless swimming pool could satisfy anyone: Your start-up companies, your investor, your dreamy girl, your best buddies…

Rooftop pools are often infinity pools; they serve as a pool and the best view spot from your roof terrace. It’s not exaggerated when considering rooftop pools as great substitutes for beaches.

Adding an infinity swimming pool, the top floor terrace turns into a rooftop resort: A great relaxing vibe, refreshing swims under the sun of daytime, or dinner, drinks, and views at night. You might have been in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, or 137 Pillars, Bangkok, and now you have your pool, your resort!

The infinity swimming pool give a luxurious vibe

High-end Extensions and Technologies for Luxury Swimming Pool

A pool doesn’t become luxurious by itself; it’s all about add-in stuff. Consider these interesting accessories to upgrade your pool to a much more inspiring and fantastic level:

#1. A fireplace or a high-end water thermal control system must be considered, especially when living in cold areas. This kind of utility works efficiently with an indoor pool that has a full cover and closed space.

#2. Imagine enjoying your pool and getting dry skin, stinging red eyes, and other hazards from chemical-laden water. The Chlorine purification system is not meet the standard of a luxury pool nowadays.

Instead of it, think about the powerful ozone purification system or UV sanitizing light. Better yet, these two systems pair together, giving a more powerful ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful microbes.

#3. Another feature is the automatic cover, which is essential for the rooftop swimming pool. Suppose you are the kind who likes umbrage and shade; an automatic cover is an exact thing for your necessities.

#4. How about self-cleaning pool system? We promise that it will worth any price. Ease-to-use, two different choices, work 24/7 and ready to work anytime.

#5. Last but not least, this is not quite an “extension”, but it’s a fundamental matter aspect: Materials. We’re discussing luxurious pools, so take material choosing carefully and meet your standard: Expensive and handmade ceramic tiles, tempered glass, high-class furniture, or a luxury outdoor kitchen… Every piece of stuff will contribute to and complete the overall goal.

Luxurious vibe is not only from the pool but also from the landscape and tech.

Having Your Pool – It’s Just The Beginning. . .

A pool might be big spending, and its lifecycle lasts decades. So you want to use your time chilling and enjoying your pool or getting tired of its problems. Take these tips, and you could throw away worries about caring for the pool.

#1. Periodically maintenance of the pool equipment

You have to spend some time maintaining your luxury swimming pool, the maintenance is crucially recommended for keeping up the luxury appearance and high-end functions. It could be divided into weekly, quarterly, and annual maintenance.

Some essential pool systems you must consider

Some pools, such as tropical style, forest landscape, or desert concept, need more weekly refreshing and cleaning than others as those pools have more litter (leaves, dust, insects…). Because of their equipment sensitivity, some in-house pools with complicated thermal control systems or work in high humidity conditions need more inspection, repair, and renovation.

Anyway, do not forget the periodical maintenance of your assets!

#2. Closing your pool in the winter and re-opening it

This note is specifically important in cold areas. The winter’s low temperature may cause water to freeze, which is not good. Frozen water leads to equipment malfunction, wears down the durability of the finishing layers, and of course, consumes a lot of money.

Local providers always provide services such as closing the pool in the winter and re-opening it (as in Blue Pools and Spas Australia, we have been expertly doing this for many years), so try contacting a pool service and scheduling a maintenance plan right now.

#3. Checking it regularly and renovating it sometimes

We are all aware of the expensive budget a pool requires, but it cannot stop us from spending a little more to renovate the pool. Everything has its expiration, and the pool’s materials are no exception.

Try new mosaic tiles, check the tempered glass, and replace the old filtering system are some approaches you could think about when renovating the periodical. Having an appointment or taking consulting refs from professionals might be a clever move.

Final Word

Here at Blue Pools and Spas – the leading luxury swimming pool builder in Australia, we have a team of a certified personnel who are committed to providing a wide range of services such as:

  • Designing luxurious and unique swimming pool concepts.
  • Providing high-end equipment and utilities.
  • Taking charge of the maintenance schedule.
  • Doing minor/major renovations.

Blue Pools and Spas Australia is “Not just another pool builder”; we have been known as an award-winning pool builder with outstanding efficiency and only the highest level of professionalism and customer service since our founding.

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