How Long Does It Take To Build A Concrete Pool?


If you are planning to build a concrete pool in your house or for your construction, you must think not only about the cost but also about “How long does it take to build a concrete pool?”.

Building a pool requires numerous steps; each type of pool needs a different process. So how about the time and the process of building a concrete pool? Look for your answer below.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Concrete Pool?

It Takes A Long Time To Finish A Concrete Pool Construction

How long it takes to finish a pool construction is based on many factors: The new or renovation pool, the weather conditions, and the pool type,…

The average time frame for finishing a pool construction is about 8-12 weeks, depending on the pool type you would like to build. However, a concrete pool takes longer than any others, usually about 3-6 months. Besides, the pool covering must be left empty for 30 days.

And the reason for that long period? Because of the complicated process and the mess while building a concrete pool. You will need time to dig a big hole for your pool. Then, you will continue spraying out the concrete and leaving until the concrete is cured, as mentioned.

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Concrete Pool Usually Takes 3-6 Months To Finish

Beyond all the above, you will need more time than just finishing the pool construction. So what is the process of building a concrete pool? Keep scrolling down, and you will know.

It’s Not Only About The Construction In Fact

People do not realize that when they hear how long it takes to build a concrete pool, the mentioned time includes the construction phase only. In fact, you also need to consult the time for creating the design, refining all of the elements and features, choosing materials, and finalizing the design.

Here are steps to thoroughgoing your concrete pool.

Make Your Pool Designed

As your pool comes with a design, go to find a professional designer. They will listen to your ideas, choose the best for you, and make them come true. The designer will be your contact point during the procedure and evaluate the entire operation.

Once approved, your designer will complete the design in about 1-2 weeks. Then, let’s get the building permits.

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Getting Building Consent

Depending on your city or town and how long it takes for officials to approve permits, it may go quickly or stay for months. You may receive clearance in two weeks from some communities that process permits rapidly. Or, unfortunately, it can take up to six months to compliment your work and need several permissions.

Move On With A Big Dig

Once we get the design decision and building permit, let’s jump into the excavation. It may take only one week to dig. However, depending on your pool builder and the priority in the contract, you will be expected to wait for one to four weeks before they start excavating.

It May Take Only One Week For Digging

Make Sure The Pool Meet The Structural and Mechanical Aspects

Following the pool excavation, we install the rebar and have our pipe fitter and electrical technician check that everything is for your concrete pool. Relying on the size and specifications of your pool, this procedure should take no longer than two weeks.

Move To Finalize The Pool

Now it’s time to shotcrete the pool and finish the cover with tile and plaster as the design. This is the most lengthening stage and an important point in building a concrete pool. However, trust us, this waiting is never a waste of time. Once you see the result, you’ll know how much it’s worth!

If you find out the concrete pool is not the one? Don’t worry; below are more about the delicate alternatives.

Alternatives To Concrete Pool

When it came to pool construction in the past, options were limited. As we can see, fibreglass and concrete pools are popular and still lead the market. However, nowadays, innovations allow us to approach more significant materials for pool building.

Stainless Steel Pool – A Great Innovation

Stainless steel is sustainable, greatly solid, clean, and light. Regardless, steel will inevitably rust and corrode. On the other hand, the stainless steel pool is convenient and simple to preserve. As the steel can be laser-cut into order, the pool can be installed in a very short time.

It is, therefore, perfect for locations where buildings are not allowed to cause much disruption.

Stainless Steel Pool – A Great Innovation of Pool

Aluminum Pool – Perfect Match For Outdoor Construction

Aluminium is absolutely for outdoor pools. The aluminium pool is rust-resistant, adaptable, portable, and even lighter than steel. However, it still has drawbacks. Aluminium is expensive, and an aluminium pool may pose major difficulties if it is not set properly.

Aluminium pool is the perfect alternative to concrete pool

Stone Pool – Unique And Delicate

Stone pool is sustainable and natural, of course. Stone is a perfect choice for those who love the creativeness in design. Huge rocks, gorgeous tiles, and flagstones may all be found in various colours, shapes, and sizes. This implies multiple effects, ranging from a dramatic rockpool to an attractive outdoor setting, are available.

Stone pool is sustainable and natural which is another alternative to concrete pool


Not everyone can estimate the exact time to build a concrete pool. We hope this article can help you find the answer to “How Long Does It Take To Build A Concrete Pool?”.

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