Your guide to swimming pool renovation

swimming pool renovation

If you have a swimming pool, you may be considering a swimming pool renovation.  There are various reasons to renovate your pool; perhaps you want a pool resurfacing and a desire to include cutting-edge technology into your pool. 

Blue Pools and Spas has been servicing and repairing pools in Melbourne for over 5 years. Our specialists can renovate and restore your pool to make it look and feel brand new.

The swimming pool renovation is the work of professionals to bring the pool back to its original state and function. However, how to recognize the signs of deterioration after a long time of use and need to upgrade? We’ll point out when you have to do a swimming pool renovation and guide you through the most basic improvements to upgrade the pool quality.

What is Swimming Pool Renovation?

A swimming pool renovation is a term used to refer to the process of changing, upgrading, and repairing the swimming pool after use to bring a sense of safety, novelty, and aesthetics to users. 

There are many ways to improve your family’s swimming pool that you can easily do yourself such as replacing the pool liner, replacing tiles, redecorating the pool landscape, etc. In addition, a simpler and easier way to renovate the pool is to repaint the pool. 

In just a few simple steps right below, you can refresh your pool like the original. Not only is being able to freely choose the color of the pool gives it a fresher feel, but repainting also helps prolong the life of the pool.

5 Steps to Renovate Your Pool

  • Drain the pool

Begin your swimming pool renovation by draining out of the water and cleaning the pool surface during the drain. You need to use equipment that can put pressure on the surface to remove most of the bacteria, algae, and some dirt on the pool frame during use. This will help the paint to adhere better and last longer and improves the quality of the water pumped in the pool significantly to ensure users’ health.

  • Removes hard plaque

After cleaning the pool surface, you will realize that there are plaques that are difficult to clean. At this point, use a specialized pool cleaning acid to spray on that location. Many people will be afraid of using acid to clean the pool because it is dangerous and harmful to users’ health. 

Mix cleaning acid in the ratio of 1:1 according to the sprayer to water the garden plants and shake it. If you have cleaned very thoroughly in the previous stage, in this step you should reduce the amount of acid you need to use.

After spraying, you need to wait about 30 – 60 seconds for horizontal surfaces and about 60 – 90 seconds for vertical surfaces for the acid to penetrate the plaque and make cleaning easier. Then, with the remaining acid after use, pour it down the drain area of ​​the pool, this will help the drain to be cleaned and wash away the dirt in the drain.

Equip yourself with the necessary items such as gloves, masks, and protective gear, you will not want to get burned if you accidentally touch the acid. If you’re still not confident to do it yourself, reach out to someone with experience in the field for help.

  • Neutralize the pool

After using acid to remove the hard plaque,  you need to neutralize the used acid before releasing it into the environment. Baking soda is a safe and easy-to-find solution to neutralize the acid you used to clean your pool, at a ratio of 2lbs of baking soda to neutralize 1 gallon of pool cleaning acid.

We recommend you must use a specialized pH test kit to ensure that the neutral acid level has returned to a level near 7.0 to make sure it is safe to pump out to the environment.

  • Paint the pool

This is one of the most exciting steps of the swimming pool renovation process, but make sure your pool is completely dry before moving to this step. Mix paint thoroughly before use. 

Tip, you can use a drill and attach the scoop to mix it faster. 

If you use Epoxy paint, it has an additive that could begin a reaction after mixing it up for a few hours.

You can use a roller brush or a paint sprayer to speed up the work process. Spraying multiple coats to ensure the waterproofness of the pool. It will take 2 – 8 hours for each coat of paint to dry, it depends a lot on the weather, especially temperature, humidity, and whether it’s sunny or rainy. 

  • Wait and check the pool

After the layers of paint have dried, do not rush to pump in water immediately. Wait about 7-10 days, so that the paint can reach the maximum waterproofing and pool protection. 

During this swimming pool renovation process, every 2-3 days you need to check the paint coats if there is water inside the pool, drain it out as quickly as possible. When this process is complete, pump water into the pool and check for any unusual changes that appear.

swimming pool renovation


A swimming pool is an excellent way for you and your family to have fun and relax after a whole week busy with work and school. However, the pool and its surroundings may appear out of date, and shabby over time. The good news is that you can update and modernize your pool area without completely demolishing it and starting over. 

Consider whether some well-planned renovations would enable you to maximize your inground pool’s enjoyment during the lovely summer months. Our experts can assist you in creating a refurbishment plan customized to your unique requirements, desires, and budget.

Choosing a pool service provider is critical for maintaining the optimal condition of your pool. There are several characteristics to consider when hiring a swimming pool service provider, swimming pool renovation and best practices for maintenance.

Find the Best out of all Swimming Pool Service Providers

After learning what to look for in a reputable contractor, it’s time to begin planning your ideal pool. Blue Pools & Spas – One of Melbourne’s top swimming pool renovations – offers a capable and experienced team. We’ll collaborate with you to find the ideal combination of features and design elements for you to build a backyard paradise you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Our crew is prepared to take on any assignment, bringing the knowledge and experience that our clients have come to expect. We want our clients satisfied with the work that we perform for them. 

If you have successfully renovated yours, please share your experience with or 0459 77 99 42 if you have any questions.