Modern Indoor Pools – 5 Exquisite Ideas and More


A modern indoor pool is a fantastic complement to a contemporary and innovative home design. Blue Pools and Spas has included 5 standouts for your consideration, with notable responses to some often-asked concerns about such a pool.

Many homeowners with a unique and fresh mentality would often choose an indoor pool for pleasant moments in the water for many benefits that could rival the mundane outdoor pools.

With the rise of fresh and imaginative modern architectural designs for dwellings, many additional significant household instalments, such as indoor pools, are receiving an upgrade in displacement. So, no matter what style of home you have, there is bound to be an indoor pool design that matches it.

Check out these natatorium ideas from Blue Pools and Spas, which come in various sizes and designs to assist you in designing your own all-weather inside poolside hideaway.

5 modern indoor pool designs idea

The Exquisite and Grandiloquent Dark Palette Design

Consider a surprisingly dark palette for a stylish and pleasant indoor pool design that may supply more than just pleasure activities. For an expensive, 5-star swim spa atmosphere, line your pool with a dark lining, cover the walls with dark tiles, and line your ceiling with warm wood panelling. This is perfect for putting in an extensive sunlight-gathering room, ideally next to the garden.

modern indoor pool
5-star swim spa atmosphere in your house

Modern Lap Pool for Maximize Pool Experiences in A Narrow Area

It is not necessary to earn a considerable open area to construct an indoor pool. You are not out of luck if all you have is a long, narrow corridor, for you can easily convert it into an exercise-friendly lap pool or a (rather short) lazy river at the absolute least.

an exercise-friendly lap pool
An exercise-friendly lap pool

A Unique Knife-Edge Pool Design

The water level in most pools is several inches below the pool’s sides to prevent water from pouring out when someone dives in. That is the primary distinction between knife-edge pools and normal ones, which makes the floor appear to be one continuous surface, giving a sleek and statement-making impression that is ideal for sophisticated pool use in the basement or a closed room.

sophisticated pool idea for the closed room
A sophisticated pool idea for the closed room

A Fluidity Living Room

Your indoor pool might seem like a retreat, but you don’t have to retreat to your comfort area to enjoy so. By utilizing sliding doors, windows, and open entrances, you may create fluidity in your space, allowing your pool area to flow into your living room and, even so on, creating a luxurious pool house.

pool in the living room
A fluidity pool in the living room

Indoor Pool + Bar Lounge for Adequate Indoor Parties

If you have a big indoor gathering space for family and friends, try converting it into a bar lounge with a natatorium. It’s sound like a crazy idea, but there is some one did that (which we mentioned in the 50 outdoor/indoor swimming pool design ideas article). This indoor pool house concept may provide thrilling moments before and after swimming or at any time.

Pool and bar will provide thrilling moments
Pool and bar will provide thrilling moments


To assist you in learning more about the design of a modern indoor pool, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their responses.

What are the benefits of an indoor pool?

An indoor pool is an excellent versatile investment for many reasons:

    • Being able to swim easily depending on the time and weather;
    • Available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles;
    • Providing more privacy and less debris-related maintenance;
    • It can be located in many places throughout the property for maximum design and decoration to better suit its style.

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What are usually there in a modern pool?

The beauty of constructing a modern pool is in the aspect of originality. Various forms, sizes, textures, and finishes may be effortlessly employed to decorate your pool area, giving it a sense of class and elegance.

Modern pools often incorporate cutting-edge pool technology and water elements, such as massage jets, waterfalls, and numerous theme lighting options. It is also largely in-ground as opposed to above-ground.

Are there any special requirements to have an indoor pool in Australia?

Indoor pools are often classified as ‘permitted development’; therefore, planning approval is not necessarily required; nevertheless, design components may be subject to specific limitations.

Tips to beneficially build and use a modern indoor pool?

Because it will require more particular installation than outdoor pools, communicate thoroughly with the pool builder in all aspects.

Consider investing more in pool systems since there will be less maintenance and cleaning.

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A contemporary indoor pool may undoubtedly give a lot of aesthetic points to a modern home. You may improve your living conditions by miles because of its extremely configurable feature.

To manage a modern indoor pool in Australia, you’ll also need a modern and up-to-the-trend pool crew, and Blue Pools and Spas is the best place to search!

With over two decades of expertise and experience, we can provide you with top-notch pool construction and installation. We also collaborate with prominent pool companies such as Pentair and Pool Control to give the best equipment available.

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