Australian Solar Pool Heating 2023: Swim Anytime, Any Season!


For pool water heating, which requires considerable energy, a solar heater is the most beneficially and environmentally-friendly choice for pool owners here and there – including those from Australia.

But even then, with so many models in the market nowadays and each one having its own advantages and downsides to consider, how can you make the right choice for your pool situations?

Enter today’s article from yours truly about solar swimming pool heater. Here at Blue Pools and Spas, we will give you a guide to details and estimate prices about the most common types of solar pool heaters for the most suitable solution for your bath.

Well then, let’s heat things up and get into the writing!

Three common types of solar swimming pool heater

This specific category includes three common product types you can typically find, each having its own active or passive temperaturt-rising method for diverse purposes: solar pool covers, thermal solar collector systems, and EVC systems.

We will cover them from the simplest form of heater that money can give to more well-designed and well-functioned ones.

However, if you prefer a no-brainer situation and let professionals handle the issue, contact Blue Pools and Spas to get a free quote right now!

We will provide our customers with the most suitable solar heater or any pool installation for their needs and situations with quality guarantees from working with major brands in the industry.

But if you want to find it out yourself first, then let’s jump into the list!

  • Solar Pool Covers (cheapest / depend heavily on sunlight)

Solar Swimming Pool Heater
Multiple pool solar panels on a roof

Solar pool covers are a pool water heating product that resembles thick bubbe packaging material, made from plastic material like polyethylene (PE) or vinyl (PVC).

They are a valuable and financial two-in-one purchase: saving water, energy, and pool chemicals when raising the temperature up to 8˚C on sunny days while also playing the role of a UV-inhibiting debris shield.

However, they are designed mainly to absorb and retain heat from sunlight – which they are heavily dependent on – rather than to have protective properties.

Hence, despite being extremely easy to use, solar pool covers can only gain the most usefulness for decent-size baths in dry and hot areas.

Although there are a handful of sizes for the product, we suggest finding ones that can cover the whole pool to maximize the heating effect. As the cheapest solution on the list, their prices can lie between $1,500 and $3,000.

  • Thermal Solar Collectors (effective / must choose wisely)

Solar Swimming Pool Heater
Multiple pool solar panels on a roof

Also known as monolithic solar panels, thermal solar collectors are the most common type when mentioning solar heating systems.

As the name suggests, the system would elevate the circulating pool water’s temperature by using concentrated solar energy collected from sunlight and stored in a series of tubes, or Solar Collector sheets, then return it to the pool.

They are beloved for having easy-to-follow installation on the roof or near the pool with an overall budget that can easily fit many cases.

One more versatile point goes to the fact that they can heat many types of pools, no matter what size and shape, indoors or outdoors.

That said, pool owners must estimate their swimming frequency before buying such a system. Cheaper unglazed variations with rubber or plastic matting would not be powerful in calmer temperatures and are more fit with outdoor pools. 

That said, pool owners must estimate their swimming frequency before buying such a system. Cheaper unglazed variations with rubber or plastic matting would not be powerful in calmer temperatures and are more fit with outdoor pools, while glazed versions are much more effective.

Thanks to tougher materials like glass or aluminum to collect heat even in cooler weather all year long, pairable with more diverse pool locations.

Depending on your model choice, a thermal solar collector system’s price could range from $2,500 to $4,500. The installation fee can cost an additional $500 to $1000 more.

  • Evacuated Tube Collector System (most effective / most expensive)

An EVC system is on the roof to get more power

Widely considered a deluxe version of a thermal system, a standard evacuated tube collector (ETC) system would have a more complex design for better performance.

The vacuum tubes play a crucial role to absorb all the sunlight head before running through a circulating antifreeze solution and to a heat exchanger, indirectly warming water that circulated from a water box to the pool.

They are more immediate and trustable in heat collecting, can provide hotter water than other systems, and could function well even in below-freezing temperatures.

Of course, by having those benefits, this system type would cost you much more money depending on how big your pool is, around $6000 to $8000.

Their placement process would also be harder due to the more complicated and heavy design, so you might need to ask for a building permit to install one on a roof.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Swimming Pool Heater

To prepare you even more for the process of buying a solar pool heater, here are some FAQs about the topic and their respective answers that we have prepared.

  • Is a swimming solar pool heater necessary?

Yes – It would be a disfavor to have lounging needs in the water but not be able to use your valuable swimming pool on colder days, right?

  • Can I store energy from solar pool panels?

Yes – Absorbed solar energy can be stored as heat in your swimming pool. Simply use a pool cover to ingest that heat to warm the pool for the next day’s use.

  • Is a solar pool heating system easy to operate?

Yes – Most solar pool heating systems can be easily automatically operated after users choose their desired high-limit temperature.

  • How many solar panels would I need for a collector system?

It depends – This is entirely up to the size and the location of your pool, which model you would choose, and your pool usage desires.

Where to buy Solar Swimming Pool Heater in Australia?

If you are already keeping an eye on a specific solar pool heater type, look no further than Blue Pools and Spas!

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