Zero-edge Pool: The Gorgeous Modern Adaptation To Your Pool Situation


Many homeowners’ dream for their homes is to have a cozy, relaxing pool. A well-maintained pool is worth investing in, whether it serves as a healing treatment after a long day of work or as a gathering place for friends and family.

However, to maximize those effects and reward yourself with the best pool experience, we turn to the luxurious design of a zero-edge pool. With neat features that distinguish it from a mundane swimming pool, such as the design, flexibility, and value. You can be certain that your pool-lounging experiences will never be the same again.

With this article by Blue Pools and Spas, we will cover all the information necessary for you to understand more about this pool concept, from zero-edge pool pros and cons to how to get one for your home. And with a count to “zero,” let’s begin the show!


Although it may go by many names like “infinity pool,” “vanishing edge pool,” or “negative edge pool,” the design concept of a zero edge pool remains the same: the water surface will be at the same height as one or more pool edges, creating the visual illusion of you being one with the sea outside or the surrounding environment.

To create the illusion, it must be combined with one or more catch basins installed below the main bath to collect the water that has overflowed from its walls and pump it back into the pool, thus creating a perfect cycle of recycling water and helping to maintain a constant water level.

Because of that, people usually build it on a hill or slope for the optical trick to work at its best.

Therefore, if you have ever wondered about “zero-edge pool vs. infinity pool”, now you know.

Zero-Edge Pool


You can never stop at one when thinking about how a zero-edge pool can be better than a mundane swimming pool. There is a reason that a zero-edge pool is always considered a complete upgrade package for a typical pool situation.

Here are more details regarding the differences between them.

  • Building location
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Residence value’s upscale availability


One more distinguishing feature that distinguishes a fancy zero-edge pool from a regular pool is its fancy price.

Although any design anticipates a different figure, it would be approximately 15–25% higher than a standard one with no disappearing edge, which is often seen as the only downside of having a zero-edge pool.


So, why is a zero-edge pool always more expensive than a standard one? To help you understand further, we’ve listed four main answers:

  • One: The need for more equipment, like an additional water holding tank below where the water-recycling process takes place – which is roughly one-third the size of the main one, and arrangements like laminated glass and suitable zero-edge pool coping.
  • Two: Because this pool concept reuses its water more frequently, an advanced pool mechanism – a better filtering system with increased regular check-ups and more well-functioning water valves – is also required.
  • Three: For a zero-edge pool is ideal to be built on a slope, you might need to build a slope as well if an already-existing one is not available.
  • Four: To account for all of the zero-edge pool construction details above, you would also need more professionals’ time and effort to successfully turn such a project into reality.
A great infinity pool requires so much more than usual.


The process is quite similar to that of a standard pool, from the zero-edge pool detail drawing to the digging work, adding a frame, pouring concrete, and so on. You get the picture.

But remember this: Although this can be a DIY project, that does not mean that it is ideal to be one. You see, because an infinity pool is so expensive and often built in perilous locations, it requires sound structural engineering as well as extensive structural, mechanical, and architectural detailing for the foundation systems.

As a result, the best solution for how to build a pool is to contact reputable pool builders. With their skills and expertise, you can be more confident that your project will be completed in a more professional manner.


A beautiful zero-edge pool is a majestic pool design that is often seen at luxury hotels or resorts. For that, many homeowners have chosen to follow the trend and adapt it to their residences, providing them with quality lounging time in the water despite its higher-than-normal-pool cost.

With this post, we hope to persuade you—a potential future pool owner—to also think about installing one in your lovely home.

If you are actually thinking about it, then make the first pool installment step right away by contacting Blue Pools and Spas here! As a well-trusted pool-building team in Australia with many years of experience, we can cover any pool detail so that you can get the best quality possible.