Magnesium Swimming Pool – Solution For Health

magnesium swimming pool

Many pool owners nowadays are interested in enhancing their pool’s usefulness, particularly regarding people’s health, beyond simply providing a fun time for swimmers. There are various options to increase a pool’s health benefits, like adding therapeutic spas or water systems. Among them magnesium swimming pool is one simple route that shows great results.

magnesium swimming pool
Not much can express “quality relaxing time” like a magnesium swimming pool. Source – Modular Walls

Being among the latest hot pool trends, a magnesium swimming pool can elevate every second of a person’s lounging time in the water. Enter this writing from us here at Blue Pools and Spas to find out more information about magnesium and how to earn this addition to your pool.

What is magnesium in a swimming pool context?

Magnesium (Mg) is an alkaline chemical element with many well-documented crucial benefits for the body, such as relaxing muscle and nerve function, detoxifying, and enhancing sleep.

Magnesium can be obtained through food and beverages such as nuts, leafy vegetables, milk, or mineral water. Still, a more effective and favourable method of absorbing this element is through your skin, which a magnesium swimming spa pool can greatly facilitate.

Having magnesium in a pool can moisturize and soothe your skin and hair, ease muscle pain, detoxify the body, relieve stress, and upgrade sleep quality. Magnesium chlorine water is also very gentle on sensitive skin, which is great news for people with skin ailments like psoriasis or eczema.

Swimming for 30 minutes is recommended for each use to maximize healing benefits.

Why a magnesium swimming pool is more splendid than a chlorine-filled one

A magnesium pool, or mineral pool, is formed when you manually add minerals to the water of a pool via a mineral system. As the name implies, magnesium, or magnesium chloride, is the most important player in the said batch of added minerals. It is a naturally occurring compound of magnesium (a mineral) and chloride (an electrolyte).

This simple addition will provide a far superior swimming experience than a chlorine-filled pool. The water is clearer and smoother without the “sticky and heavy” characteristic of chlorine water; the odour is gentler on the skin and eyes than standard chlorine water.

chlorinator cell
Magnesium minerals can be added via mineral systems like the ones from Water TechniX.

This pool type also has a more efficient and cost-effective method of protecting your pool from bacteria and algae by having a chlorinator cell.

This chemical compound also acts as a natural flocculant, clumping debris together and dropping it to the pool floor

How to get a magnesium swimming pool

Almost every pool can be converted into a magnesium swimming pool, so it does not matter nether you have it or not! It only requires a few related mineral systems to be equipped to the pool water line, along with bags of minerals, and you are ready to go!

That said, there are still water tests to be conducted and mineral brand/system choices to be made before applying magnesium or any mineral to your pool water. And it is always recommended to get quotes from a trustworthy one for pool construction.

FAQs about magnesium swimming pool

Suppose you still want to find out more about a magnesium swimming pool. In that case, you don’t need to pull out your chemistry book because below are even more questions about magnesium pools, answered by Blue Pools and Spas.

How many bags of mineral is needed for a month?

It is estimated that, on average, you would need to purchase 2-4 bags a month to maintain the magnesium water flow in your pool.

Where to buy magnesium minerals

We recommend using products from brands like MagnaPool® or Water TechniX. Besides minerals, they also have other useful tools to aid you in more than just applying these compounds to your pool.

magnesium pool minerals
The Water TechniX Magnesium Pool Minerals 10-kg bucket is an excellent mineral blend for any pool.

Differences between pool salt and magnesium chloride?

Magnesium minerals are generally more expensive (around $60 for a 10 kg bag) than traditional pool salt (around $10 for a 10 kg bag).

Benefit-wise, however, pool salt can also cleanse the pool water quite well and is gentle for the skin and eyes. Still, its health advantages cannot match those of magnesium.


A magnesium swimming pool is one of the most effortless ways to improve your leisure time in the water. Besides making the water softer to swim in, your body would also be more at ease with toxic substances and stress removed.

The application is not quite difficult, but a call to an experienced pool brand is always advised to make the best product choices, such as Blue Pools and Spas.

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