One of the Best Concrete Pool Builders Melbourne


With so many Australian pool contractor names appearing on Google through ads, it is quite a challenge for future pool owners to find a reliable builder to invest in a new concrete pool – with the required experience and expertise.

Among those concrete pool builders Melbourne or across Australia, one name that has always stayed on top with satisfaction and quality guarantee in every product is Blue Pools and Spas.

In this short writing, we will explain why yours truly is the most high-credit choice for earning a concrete pool. We would also provide helpful knowledge about what needs to notice when having one.

Let’s break the wall down and get right into it!

What makes Blue Pools and Spas distinguish from other concrete pool builders Melbourne?

When it comes to Melbourne-based pool contractors, there are a handful of reasons why Blue Pools and Spas can stand proudly at that mountain top, having its name spread widely all across Australia.

Especially about concrete pools, ours are built above Australian Standards and engineered to last!

Here are why we are so proud of our concrete pools.

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concrete pool builders melbourne
Having a great time with you friend at the high quality pool

Award-winning name for all things swimming pool

With 15+ years strong as one of Australia’s leading pool constructing brands, we specialize in anything related to swimming pools.

Our services include pool construction and renovation, water treatment, pool equipment, and liners. We strive for water quality with no ongoing maintenance cost to make you feel like you’re swimming in a lake!

At Blue Pools and Spas, we believe in ensuring the process is as smooth as possible for the consumer, with concrete-hard planning, execution, and inspection.

Which you can also be a significant part of by managing your project through the ScreenLogic app. Plus, we only take a few projects on board at a time to provide a first-class experience.

Since our founding, Blue Pools has been known for award-winning swimming pools, exceptional efficiency, and only the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

Working with large pool-related brands

A part of our ongoing success is collaborating with global-known names in the pool/water industry like Pentair, Remco, and Pool Control, which greatly help us provide free assessments on your equipment and your pool.

We also work with the world’s leading brands and latest technologies to offer systems like self-cleaning pools and chemically self-managed units.

Beauty terrain guarantee from collaboration with Portrait Landscape

We have the ability and experience to work with great architects and home builders. Therefore, not just your pool would be first-class.

Still, your surrounding environment would pair with it perfectly, thanks to our strong partnership with Portrait Landscape – one of the best landscape design teams in Australia.

  • Easy to find references

Don’t just take our fancy words for granted – we put our beloved customers’ testimonials right on the home page of our website for extra trustworthy credits that you can always check out.

Our previous clients from Melbourne to BrightonRichmond, and nearby suburbs loved their new pool. That is because our team is ready for every job to manage projects with the skill and experience that people expect an outstanding swimming pool brand to have.

Blue Pools and Spas concrete pool construction

To further enhance your faith in our crew, here are some of our previous fabulous concrete pool projects, all happened in recent years.

Concrete Semi-Inground Block Pool Project at Victoria

This is our latest construction project in 2022, cooperating with Portrait Landscape to bring the best out of our client’s big yard in Doncaster, Victoria.

Blue Pools and Spas had done this fabulous modern pool on May 10th, 2022

As you can see, the client’s patio has been highly elevated, with a lovely waterfall faucet as the cream of the crop.

Infinity Pool on Sloped Yard Project at Melbourne

We finished this beautiful pool on March 29th, 2021.

This is one of our 2021 construction projects in cooperation with the fantastic Portrait Landscapes and other trades involved in Melbourne. The pool has been provided with all high-quality equipment in sanitation, heat pump, and cleaning.

Plunge + Spa Pool Combo Project at Victoria

The beautiful 2-in-1 pool combo project at Glen Iris, Victoria, finished in late June 2021.

We have utilized this client’s yard to the max to transform it into a small but heavenly paradise, with self-cleaning and fully bubble-automated all through one phone app.

Concrete pool maintenance policy

To fully keep your concrete pool always in the best condition possible, here is some supervision information you need to know.

  1. The sides – Brush the sides regularly to prevent bacteria and algae and use a sealant to help the concrete last longer. It is also a suitable time to check for cracks on them.
  2. The floor – It is best to vacuum it right after brushing the pool sides.
  3. The water – Because concrete can react with chemicals in the water, it is recommended to balance the water every once in a while.
  4. Long-term usage – you might need to resurface and require acid washing from an expert every few years to maintain the pool’s quality.

FAQs about concrete pool builders Melbourne

We will end the article by providing answers to a few common questions that customers have about building and keeping a concrete pool. If you want to know even more about the topic, please email us directly at or call 0459 77 99 42 to get a free quote.

  • How long can a concrete pool last?

A well-maintained concrete pool with acceptable resurfacing every 10 years or so should last around 50 years or more, even a lifetime if it is built inground.

  • Why is concrete around a pool a fabulous idea?

It is durable, economical, easy for maintenance, flexible and can fit many aesthetic vibes.

  • How long does it take to finish putting in a concrete pool?

The concrete shell’s hardening and strengthening process, or curing, could last about three to four weeks. After that, finishing touches could take about four to six weeks more, making the total amount of time up to more than 2 months.

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  • Is concrete around a pool slippery?

Yes – smooth concrete can get quite slippery, but you can reduce the slipperiness by adding texture.