3 Main Swimming Pool Types You Should Know

Swimming pool types

A fascinating swimming pool is always a satisfying addition to elevated many houses worldwide. But with so many types out there, choosing a suitable one for your home was never sure to be an easy task to solve.

Well, worry not, because Blue Pools and Spas will make sure that you grasp all of the key information possible about the three main swimming pool types in Australia: above-ground, semi-inground, and inground.

More details about those three pool types will be thoughtfully clarified throughout this article, all known as sloping pools, with the goal here being for you to make the best pool choice for your house situation. So please make sure to read this writing carefully!

Above-ground swimming pool

A woody-type above-ground pool with a lovely view around the yard
A woody-type above-ground pool with a lovely view around the yard

Easily suit families for its affordability and a quicker installation process. An above-ground pool is the most fitting choice to satisfy all swimming bath needs realizable without committing to an expensive, permanent one.

But also because of that, its greatest disadvantage lies in the lack of attractiveness that a swimming pool needs.

Here is a deeper look into the benefits and drawbacks of an above-ground swimming pool:


  • Easy for installation, maintaining, and removing

If you have enough expertise in the branch, installing an above-ground pool could doubtlessly become a DIY job if you have all the required materials. And two weeks is usually the average time necessary to finish one.

The main difference between an above-ground type to a traditional type is its higher position. Therefore, it does not call for excavation for the space for water, and it would also have less chance of dirt or insects getting into the water. You can easily equip a pool cover on it too, and the cost for fixing pool equipment would also not be as much as a traditional one.

Because it causes less impact on the ground, removing an above-ground swimming pool is also quite an easy task if you ever need to resell it, rebuild it, or bring it to your new location.

  • Affordable price

As the cheapest among pools on the list, an above-ground bath is always the first worth-consider swimming pool type for families that did not have one before. The reasons included: less manpower and time required, easy-to-find materials, and less maintenance cost.

  • Best safe to use

Because an above-ground pool stays on the high ground, there is nearly no chance for children or animals to slip into the pool accidentally. It also has graspable handles around the edges, creating a safe swimming environment for young kids.


  • Missing attractiveness

While being an easy-accessible swimming pool experience, its cheapness certainly could not improve the quality of your house like a traditional swimming pool should. It could easily be mistaken for an inflatable swimming pool, for example.

It could even be a minus to future homeowners during showings for taking a decent space in the outdoor area.

  • Can be damaged easily

Through times, serious weather issues could cause problems to the lines around the pool. Even with great maintenance, it could only last half the lifetime in comparison with an inground pool.

  • Not versatile

Not many additional types of equipment can pair with an above-ground swimming pool. Its high customizability causes less equipment to be designed to go with it.

Reference price in Australia

The price can vary depending on your material and building choices, but the common price would lie between $500 to $10,000, vastly cheaper than installing other swimming pool types.

Semi-inground swimming pool

The interesting addition of a drinking section makes the semi-inground pool even more blissful
The interesting addition of a drinking section makes the semi-inground pool even more blissful

A mixture of the two most common swimming pool types, as the name suggests, you can adapt many benefits and pool equipment from an inground pool to a semi-inground one while still having it being a tad raised above ground level.

And due to said fact, some disadvantages from both types above also appear in this swimming pool type.

Below are the main strengths and weaknesses that a semi-inground pool may have.


  • Beautiful appeal

Because it does not require the ground to be level as much as an inground pool would, and it also does not need to be as high as an above-ground pool would, this pool type is truly the best of both worlds. It has the charm of an inground pool while not creating a barricade against your backyard views.

  • More safety and steady

It still has barriers to avoiding accidents with kids and pets but said barriers are much more stable now due to the ability to use lots of secure materials like concrete and fiberglass.

  • Wide range of materials and equipment

Because it is synchronizable with the inground type in terms of substance and appliances, it can also use the same range of wonderful building materials and high-tech pool equipment.


  • High cost

The materials and equipment prices would be significantly higher to follow building requirements. You would also need a crew with some experts, for this is not a project you can do alone.

  • Water temperature

One minor inconvenience you may experience with a semi-inground pool is higher water temperature. Unlike an inground pool having earth surrounding it to chill the water down, a semi-inground swimming pool does not have that feature. Therefore, if you live in a hot area, you might want to purchase a pool chiller.

  • Require periodically maintenance

The bargain to have a semi-inground pool than owning an above-ground comes with more elements that demand attention than the latter, especially the walls surrounding the pool. It needs constant care to stay in the best condition so that there would be no water leeks incidents.

Reference price in Australia

The price for an average semi-inground swimming pool types in Australia oscillates from around $8,000 to $25,000 as more expensive materials and equipment would be added.

Inground swimming pool

A fantastic inground swimming pool can always heighten the overall value of a residence
A fantastic inground swimming pool can always heighten the overall value of a residence

Not only this massive, once-in-a-lifetime purchase could upraise the exquisite look of your house’s outdoor space, an inground swimming pool could also elevate the entire value of your dwelling moving forward. Therefore, its cost and maintenance requirements are no doubt the highest among today’s contestants.

If it is currently under your consideration, you must do all analysis required to plan out all the details carefully. Studying necessary information is considered a crucial step in the building process of an inground pool, so don’t forget to do your homework carefully.

Here are the main pros and cons of it that we have found after researching for you to take into contemplation.


  • A luxurious, fascinating addition

In exchange for its enormous cost, an inground pool would bring a luxury, opulence vibe to your residence like no other. Your house would surely be worth so much more with the addition of this pool, resulting in higher resale value.

  • More playing and swimming space

It is not a great inground pool if it is not huge in scale. It is ideal for pool parties with friends and family, swimming practices, and more.

  • Creating vacations experiences right at home

Is there even a better thing than having a deluxe vacation besides an incredible swimming pool right at your living place? We do not think so! From whence you finished building the pool, ‘‘staycation’’ would surely be the only traveling option in your mind.

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  • Require lots of research

Because this is a gigantic expensive purchase for homeowners to make, all details must be considered thoroughly, from the constructor to the timing, the total cost, etc. If you miss calculation for just a little bit, things could go wrong massively.

  • High installation costs and extra fees

Much material is needed to build one of these, thus, even concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass prices would be a problem to consider.

Plus, there may be some hidden costs for landscaping work, electric work, etc. to make sure that your pool would be in perfect condition and be able to utilize all its features.

  • Consume much time

The pool needs lots of manpower to install, and many details regarding it also need to be considered. Thus, depending on your material of choice, the process could last from 1 to 3 months.

Reference price in Australia

According to loans.com.au, the amount of money in need to build an inground pool would be between $25,000 and $100,000, the highest requirement among the pool trio.

Where can you find a reputable constructor to build different swimming pool types in Australia?

We hope that this article has successfully helped you choose the type of pool you wish to exist in your home sweet home. And if you are now having interested in finding a team to make that wish become real, then look no further than we here at Blue Pools and Spas – one of the most reputable constructors in Melbourne.

More than 15 years in the business have made us a well-known name in the swimming pool market here in Australia. We promise to bring all of our knowledge, efficiency, and honesty to all aspects of building processes, from designing the pool to installing pool equipment.

No matter what pool type you have chosen, we can build it, so contact us now at info@bluepoolsmelbourne.com or 0459 77 99 42 to start that process right away! You can also leave any question about pool construction to said contact information.