Best 3 Tips and 3 Solutions for Pool On Sloping Block

A simple round pool idea for sloping block

In this day and age, the speed of many homeowners joining the pool trend is as fast as ever. That said, many residents still have skeptical thoughts about whether a pool can be built on their distinctive property, especially in sloping situations.

With many breakthroughs in pool construction and renovation these days, there are suitable solutions for every pool lover’s case concerning a sloping terrain, from flattening the slope’s end to certain degrees for a levelled pool to embracing its unique beauty and putting a creative infinity pool design along its way down.

A simple round pool idea for sloping block

A simple round pool idea for sloping block on budget.

In this article, besides providing valuable tips and tricks in earning a pool in your sloping backyard, we here at Blue Pools and Spas would also want to help construct your inspiration through the most popular sloping block pool designs that we have compiled from our recent works.

Without further ado, let’s “slide” down to the main parts of the writing, shall we?

Tips for designing a pool on a sloping block

The construction of a swimming pool on sloping terrain, without a doubt, could be seen as a special assignment for its challenges. So, in anticipation, we have synthesized some useful tips to help you in preparation for having a sloping swimming pool.

Designing a pool on a sloping block with Retaining walls

For cases concerning a large slope, a steady retaining wall can create a space on the slope’s low end for fitting the pool and keep the soil on the high end from falling into it.

Even when the gradient is low, the retaining wall can help lift the patio higher than the ground while resembling a decorative bench at the same time!

Besides being an ornamental sitting place, you can also utilize it to add fun water features to your bath, like a waterfall or a deck jet, on a higher wall position.

Material-wise, wood can be a fair consideration for a cheaper cost. But, people usually go with stabler options like pouring concrete walls or stacking stone or cinder blocks together, with the latter being more preferred by people because it is budget-friendly and easy to DIY.

Site work

Building almost any pool requires site handling anyway because not all yards are perfectly levelled, and it is no different with a pool built in a hillside area.

Depending on your overall design, if your slope is minimal, it can easily be fixed with some construction equipment and grading at the patio. You can easily choose to put the pool at every slope gradient you desire too.

For higher slopes, the matter is more different. For safety and easy-building purposes, it is recommended to put the bath at the low end of the slope.


Terracing a slope is when you create a series of retaining walls built into your sloping area, usually a big one, with each area levelled off. This is one of the most ideal ways to embrace the hill situation and give it some aesthetic visuals.

A lovely presentation of a pool design surrounded by plants and flowers

A lovely presentation of a pool design surrounded by plants and flowers.

You can put the pool at either the top or bottom of the terraced hill and various types of flowers and plants can be set on other remaining levels. The walls will break up and soften the sloped area while the flowers will add gorgeous colours, creating the “multiple separate gardens” illusion.

By compressing a long slope into a sequel of step-like areas, a terraced area’s design can also capture water from rainstorms and guide the flow to the garden areas, preventing erosion and mudslides from happening to your pool if you place it at the bottom of said area.


One major element that you have to scrutinise in building a swimming pool on a sloped yard is to avert muddy water from the hilltop from lowering onto your pool/patio area during storms and such, for not only mud but debris could follow the water runoff as well.

To do so, your pool must be set high enough that water from above cannot flow down to the pool area. Also, it is ideal to have a specific drainage method to direct the muddy and watery flow away from the pool entirely. Therefore, a discussion with a landscape professional for an appropriate solution is always recommended.

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3 good-looking sloping block pool designs from all our recent works

With these three sloping pool designs below, we hope they will help you shape and visualise the design that you so desire.

Infinity Pool on Sloped Yard

As one of our previous blog posts has shown, an infinity pool is one of the most suitable pool concepts for utilizing your sloped area and turning it into a wonderful opportunity to be one with nature and the environment surrounding it.

Infinity Pool on Sloped Yard

This lovely and large project of ours was finished on March 29th, 2021.

This is one of our 2021 construction projects in cooperation with the fantastic Portrait Landscapes and other trades involved in Melbourne. The pool has been provided with all top of the shelf equipment like Pentair self-managed sanitation systems and heat pump, Cooke in-floor cleaning and an automatic Remco pool cover. The client managed the project through the ScreenLogic app on their phone.

Concrete Semi-Inground Block Pool

This is actually our latest construction project in 2022, again, in cooperation with Portrait Landscape to bring the best out of our client’s big yard in Doncaster, Victoria.

Concrete Semi-Inground Block Pool before a construction


Concrete Semi-Inground Block Pool after a construction

…and after the project was done on May 10th, 2022.

Lots of calculation and site work have to be done, but in the end, the patio has been elevated to the max, with a lovely waterfall faucet as the cream of the crop.

Construction-wise, this is also one of the foremost pool ideas for sloping blocks on budget.

Fiberglass Inground Pool on a Sloped Area

Besides construction, pool renovation is also one of our top-notch services, and this is a great example of that at our client’s decent place at Caulfield South, Victoria.

Our renovation project for a pool in Victoria

This is our renovation project for a pool in Victoria, completed on March 12th, 2022.

This slick inground fiberglass sloping pool design was downsized, fully tiled and fitted with new equipment from trustworthy brands in the game. We only work with the most adequate names in the business to give you the finest quality possible in any assignment, including this one.

FAQs about building a pool on a sloping block

To provide you with even more information, we are going to set up a sort of the “People also ask” section on Google Search right here, and it will all be about common questions people may have about building a sloping block pool and their respective answers.

How to fully utilize the sloped area for the pool?

You can build walls on the more shallow side of the pool for easy instalment for a spa bath or a playground for young children, and the depth side can be used as a normal pool for teens and adults.

What are the main differences between building a pool in a levelled area and a sloped area?

There are certain challenges that a sloped pool may require more than a levelled pool like specific drainage/cleaning methods and slippery/safety issues, therefore, you need to seek professionals in pool installation and landscape to properly install the swimming pool.

Is it better to put the pool at the top end of the hill area or the bottom end?

For a sloping yard with a low gradient, you can place the pool at any height you want, but for ones with a higher curve, it is professional-recommended safer to put the bath at the low end of the hill for safety certainty.

Is it expensive to design a pool on a sloping block?

The overall answer is yes because it would demand more work from every angle. But, this is a wonderful opportunity to elevate and transform your sloping yard into a luxury, vacation-like stop for yourself in your free time or for meetings with family and friends.


With the techniques and technologies of the pool industry nowadays, almost any place can be transformed into a lovely pool area for relaxation. Even if you have a sloppy, hilly area in your distinctive property, you can still have a gorgeous sloping block pool design to give stunning visuals to the yard and to create many fun aqua activities with your loved ones.

Being one of the most trusted names for the job, Blue Pools and Spas promises to give our over-15-year expertise and skills to successfully satisfy our customers’ needs for a lovely swimming pool in any challenges, including with sloping locations. We work with world-leading brands such as Pentair and Pool Control to provide first-grade equipment to highlight the projects even more.

Whether you are having a blueprint right now in your head, or you just are in search of more information about swimming pool renovation construction, please do not hesitate and contact us now at or call Mr John at 0459 77 99 42 for more details. If you need answers to more common pool questions, please visit our blog site at