9 Fantastic Custom Pool Designs in Australia


As part of the multiple changes brought about by the COVID epidemic, many Australian homeowners have decided to spend their money on house improvements rather than trips.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that about $1 billion in refurbishment permissions were granted countrywide from May 2020 to May 2021.

A clearer visual by a RateCity.com.au poll shows that 37 percent of over 1000 Australian property owners planned to change or renovate their properties in 2021.

Not all of the aforementioned renovation permits were utilized to improve a homeowner’s residence, but rather their backyard landscape, notably pool installation. Using those funds to create a new and more suitable pool or modify an aged one all require a custom pool addition to better process everything.

Consider our pool ideas in this post, ranging from sophisticated retreats to nostalgic baths, as helpful suggestions for imagining your future backyard hideaway.

9 Fantastic Custom Pool Designs In Australia

1 – A Neat, Patio-Compactible Design for Small Areas

This is a pool designed for a property in Gregory Hills. Simple customization with a barrier – required by law in many Australian towns – and the plants around complement the white patio incredibly nicely.

1 - A Neat, Patio-Compactible Design for Small Areas

2 – A Wrap-Around-The-Yard Pool

In this Brisbane project, a timber-and-steel-framed pavilion connects the home to the infinity pool by the lovely rural vista.

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2 - A Wrap-Around-The-Yard Pool

3 – Utilize Small and Narrow Areas

One advantage of designing a bespoke pool is installing it anywhere you like, including a tiny location outside, as seen in this design in Sydney. This raised lap pool also has a hot tub for muscular relaxation after swimming.

3 - Utilize Small and Narrow Areas

4 – Why Stuck With A Rectangle or A Round?

Another advantage of acquiring a bespoke pool is that there is no set shape to follow, as this L-shaped pool in the midst of this house’s backyard design in Victoria provides unimpeded vistas.

4 - Why Stuck With A Rectangle or A Round

5 – Bringing In Tropical Vibes

This design has a beautiful, greenish tropical plantation atmosphere and is located in a private courtyard on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

5 - Bringing In Tropical Vibes

6 – Various Pool Additions to Choose

This Queensland renovation transforms the homeowner’s backyard into a relaxing retreat. A swim-up bar, a waterfall, and a soothing spa are abundant features of the enormous freeform pool. As a result, your custom pool might feature a variety of great functionalities that will boost the freeform pool design.


6 - Various Pool Additions to Choose

7 – Indoor Getaway

Who says you have to be away to have a vacation getaway? This pool design for a property in Aldgate combines the best of both worlds. You may dive into the sea only a few feet from your lovely living room by using a floor-to-ceiling glass wall for separation and leveraging the property’s inside area.

7 - Indoor Getaway

8 – Penthouse Paradise

This Cronulla penthouse is currently under construction and has a unique glass-bottomed pool feature over the dining room with ocean views, meant to dangle over the living zones on the level below to create an exciting water impression.

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8 - Penthouse Paradise

9 – The Custom Pool Works Well with Home Renovations

Overall, the concept behind having a bespoke pool quickly personalises it to match everything else in your chosen pool site. This is one of our 2021 building projects in collaboration with Melbourne’s Portrait Landscapes. In addition to supplying all high-quality equipment, we have done our best to upscale the patio and surrounding plants to create an exceptional overall picture.


Custom Pool FAQs

What is the common budget range for a custom pool in Australia?

Between $25,000 and $100,000.

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Are there any special requirements for specific custom pools in Australia?

Besides obvious law requirements for pool construction, various unique customization will require different permissions. Conversate clearly with your pool provider for more details.

Recommendations on customizing a pool?

  • It is best to go with an inground pool and build it out of concrete.
  • Aside from the pool’s design and aesthetic, there are other alternatives for extra amenities, such as a zero-entry side, waterfall, built-in bar, and much more.

Where to contact to get a custom pool?

Pursuing the bespoke way may make your craziest fantasy pool a reality. Still, you must also have a well-trusted pool supplier to properly mold your thoughts into reality.

In that attitude, Blue Pools and Spas gladly presents itself as your partner in obtaining your ideal bath for your Australian house. With over 15 years of expertise, our fully-experienced staff will do their best to turn your ideas into reality at every stage of the process.

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