Hydrotherapy Pools – For Therapeutic Moments At Home


A hydrotherapy pool is a perfect solution for having both fun times in the water and relaxing sessions for domestic pool usage.

For particular pricey and highly customizable private pool, customers may want it to have more health benefit.

Enter the hydrotherapy pool – A swimming pool designed to alleviate illness, aid in physical therapy, or provide other treatments to users. With this pool design, you don’t have to give up exercise or relaxation, and you’ll also have access to the extra benefit of hydrotherapy.

There are numerous ways to personalize the hydrotherapy pool. Let us be your guide into everything crucial surrounding it.

What Are Hydrotherapy And Its Benefits?

Hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy, is a physiotherapy form in which impact-reduced and safe whole-body therapeutic motions. All exercises are performed in 33-36°C warm water. There are several forms of hydrotherapy therapies, all of which assist clients by utilizing some of the intrinsic properties of water. There could be some interactive multi-sensory technology at work as well.

Hydrotherapy Pools
A Hydrotherapy pool example

Hydrotherapy can be used as part of a pain management program or injury recovery program or as a section of a routine to improve general fitness and health for athletes and such.

Body detoxifying, metabolic rate increase, internal organs performance improvement, and more are all well-established benefits of hydrotherapy.

Therefore, hydrotherapy is tough to top regarding safer workouts and pain relief.

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What Is A Hydrotherapy Pool, And How Can It Benefit You?

Hydrotherapy pools, also known as hydro pools or swim spas, are often distinct from regular pools. The water’s temperature, pressure, and velocity are controlled and modified based on who is utilizing the bath and why.

The concept is not new; many ancient societies employed ritual and therapy-enhanced bathing to cure or alleviate sickness. Hot tubs, whirlpools, and jacuzzis are some further modern examples.

A hydrotherapy pool could be an outdoor ones

But, this pool concept is better for allowing enough space for a person to swim around more excessively than the aforementioned examples but still can get splendid underwater treatments. It gets around the size problems of too-large-for-consistently-heating swimming pools and too-small-to-get-around hot tubs.

It allows the best of both worlds to transpire – exercise physical activities or recuperate while still soaking at therapeutic-level temperatures.

Hydrotherapy Pools FAQs

Regarding the beneficial aspects of a hydrotherapy pool, there are still some critical mentions to remember to build and use one properly.

What are the recommendations for a home hydrotherapy pool?

A household hydrotherapy pool should be smaller than 5.4m2 – 2.7m2 per individual. This allows for the long-term and private use of two persons – one user and one therapist if you only want to use one for medical usage. Additional recreational usage in a family home should ideally be 10.8m2 or more.

Stainless steel is frequently suggested as a material for lower maintenance costs, corrosion resistance, no tile cleaning, looks wonderful, and is infection control friendly.

Standard essential features to improve well-being and relaxation include treatment jets, lighting, and handrails. Consider including a lounge space or massage beds in a home environment for added luxury. Superior designs could also have a lowered-able massage table or underwater treadmills.

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Are there building regulations for a domestic hydrotherapy pool?

When designing a home hydrotherapy pool, you can work with normal domestic building regulations rather than commercial ones, which will also have less generic accessibility guidelines.

Is it possible for anybody to utilize hydrotherapy pools?

Regrettably, the answer is no.

Pregnant women, those eating or drinking alcohol beforehand, and those with relatively alarming diseases, allergies and infections should avoid hydrotherapy pools.

If you have any medical issues, you should see your doctor before beginning your hydrotherapy treatments.

What can you anticipate from hydrotherapy pools?

Usually, You may feel hungry immediately following your hydro pool session. It is also critical to rehydrate and remove toxins from your body, so drink lots of water.

You may feel energetic or tired from the dual relaxing/invigorating characteristics of such a pool. So you could go to the gym, rest in the spa, or have a leisurely lunch.


It’s no surprise that hydrotherapy pools are among the most popular thermal features available at many fantastic spas for their warm, calming, and energizing characteristics.

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