Pool Enclosure Ideas: 7+ Most Ways to Enclose A Pool

cheapest way to enclose a pool

Are you looking for the cheapest way to enclose a pool? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can enclose your pool without breaking the bank. From pool screens to removable fence panels, we’ll cover seven of the most cost-effective ways to enclose your pool. Read on to find out more!

Why you should enclose your pool?

Learn about the benefits of enclosing your pool so you can decide for yourself why it would be a wise choice for you and your family.

Less Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance can be both costly and time-consuming. Pollen, dirt, leaves, bugs, and other unwanted items can find their way into your outdoor pool, clogging filters and creating murky, unappealing water. This debris can put a strain on your pool’s system, resulting in costly repairs.

Increased Pool Security

After adding a pool to their property, homeowners are concerned about safety, especially if they have children or pets. Toddlers love to explore, and parents have their hands full, keeping their children safe as they learn to walk and explore the world. Having a pool on your property adds another layer of difficulty in keeping your children safe.

Year-Round Swimming

As the owner of a pool, you understand how costly it is to own a pool. However, depending on where you live, you may only be able to use it for a few months of the year. Get an enclosure to extend the time you can use your pool.

With an enclosure, you can convert your outdoor swimming pool into an indoor swimming pool. With a large enough enclosure, you and your family can use your pool all year. The enclosure will shield your pool from the elements, allowing you to swim comfortably even in the winter. It’s an excellent way to get the most out of your swimming pool, transforming it into a year-round asset.

7 cheapest ways to enclose a pool

But how can you enclose your pool in the most cost-effective way?

pool enclosure ideas - 7 cheapest ways to enclose a pool

Inflatable Swimming Pool Enclosures

The inflatable swimming pool enclosure, also known as a bubble or dome, is the simplest and least expensive way to enclose a pool. Inflatable pool enclosures are exactly what their name implies: a large blow-up cover that sits on top of your pool.

These pool enclosures are supported by a water weight system or a cable that runs through eye hook deck anchors. To cover the pool and deck areas, inflatable pool enclosures are ordered in rectangular sizes. An airlock or zipper door can be installed anywhere.

Using a Mesh Screen

Mesh screens can be used instead of polycarbonate or glass. This is excellent for keeping mosquitos and other insects at bay, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxing swim and sunbathe. Furthermore, because the mesh is so fine, you can enjoy a cool summer breeze on a hot day.

This design encompasses the entire seating area as well as the pool, extending seamlessly from the roof of the building. It retains that open, airy feel while keeping everyone safe from pesky bug bites. It will also aid in maintenance by keeping fallen leaves and other debris out of the zone.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to enclose a pool then this is a good choice for you.

Choose a Sturdy Sectioned Style

One of the most popular approaches for pool enclosure ideas is to choose ones made of aluminum, PVC, polycarbonate, or glass sections.

They span the pool and can be fixed or mobile, as SPATA(opens in new tab) explains. The latter frequently have sides that can be lifted up into the roof and/or sections that slide back, allowing bathers to enjoy the sun.

This example is both practical and stylish, allowing the pool to be enjoyed regardless of the weather while still allowing plenty of light and air to pass through. Furthermore, its modern design will complement all types of modern pool landscaping schemes.

Implement Character with Timber

Timber enclosures provide a relaxed, naturalistic setting for a pool and when, built correctly, can be extremely sturdy. Plenty of windows and wide doors in this design, along with plant pots, maintain the indoor-outdoor feeling.

Keep It Simple with a Small Enclosure

If tall pool enclosures seem out of place on your property, consider a low-profile model. They are less imposing on space and thus work well in smaller gardens.

keep it simple with a small enclosure

There are numerous telescopic designs available that can be retracted along rails to suit. Even though they are lower in height than more traditional designs, they are still large enough to swim beneath comfortably. Their slimline appearance also sets a modern tone.

Including Shelter with a Pergola and Wall

A pergola overhead is an alternative approach to pool enclosure ideas. From traditional timber designs to modern louvered looks that can be opened and closed, they’re a stylish way to add a bit of overhead shelter to your pool. This is a great idea for the cheapest way to enclose a pool.

Take your design a step further by incorporating a pergola with a feature wall on one or two sides. There are numerous beautiful garden wall ideas to get creative with, and it will instantly screen the space, providing additional privacy.

Choose a Conservatory for Traditional Elegance

A conservatory provides an elegant and practical solution to pool enclosure needs, with frames available in wood, PVCu, and powder-coated aluminum. A single-glazed conservatory can comfortably extend pool use from Easter to Christmas, whereas a double-glazed conservatory can be used all year.


In conclusion, there are various options available for the cheapest way to enclose a pool, whether you are looking for privacy, safety, or protection from the elements. From mesh pool fencing and vinyl, pool covers to DIY wooden or PVC pipe enclosures, these options provide a range of benefits at an affordable price. By selecting the right type of pool enclosure for your needs, you can create a comfortable and secure outdoor living space without breaking the bank. So, don’t hesitate to explore these options and find the perfect solution for your pool enclosure needs.

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