What is the Best Pool Liners Option for you?

best pool liners

.Swimming pool liners are the most essential aesthetic for vinyl pool owners, but they also provide a vital function: they keep the water in the pool. A new pool liner and some attractive liner accessories may totally remodel and revitalize any worn out vinyl pool.

Every year, we sell thousands of pool liners to Australian customers, either for a little DIY project in the backyard, or a renovation of an old pool. Blue Pools and Spas is the one to call. Our staff is ready for any task, handling projects with the expertise and experience that our customers have come to expect for the past 15 years in the business.

What are Pool Liners?

A swimming pool liner is a covering that is installed over the swimming pool construction, fully covering the walls and floor. The major function of pool liners is to keep the pool water inside the pool while maintaining a clean look.

The liner is often composed of vinyl and may be printed in a number of colors or designs, as well as different material thicknesses. Thicker liners survive longer than thin liners and are measured in gauge or millimeters. The liner is attached to the coping of the swimming pool and may be removed for maintenance or replacement.

Common types of pool liners

Private or family swimming pool liners are often made of vinyl, while public and commercial pools are subjected to high use and need tougher materials such as concrete and plaster walls and flooring. Vinyl may become brittle over time as the chemicals that allow it to stretch deteriorate.

Tears, punctures, and holes are more likely to develop in worn vinyl liners. Vinyl liner leaks are repairable, although their lifetime is usually 7-10 years, depending on usage and climate. Recommended in regions with severe temperature fluctuations throughout the seasons, vinyl liners can tolerate movement induced by freezing and thawing cycles.

Swimming pool water must be balanced on a regular basis. Water that is too acidic may cause the liner to age quicker and water that is too basic can cause water scale and buildup on the liner surface. Pool liners are available in conventional sizes and forms, as well as almost any acceptable shape that may be custom produced.

There are 3 methods in making vinyl swimming pool liners:

  • While overlap liners are the least costly, most popular, and easiest to install, removing and replacing them may be time-consuming, and they only come in a few designs and colors.
  • Beaded liners, on the other hand, come in a wide variety and are simpler to install and replace.
  • Unibead liners provide the flexibility you need since they are the most easily maneuvered, requiring the least amount of effort for installation, removal, and replacement.

How to choose from various pool liners

Choosing a liner color you would think would just come down to personal taste but there are a few things to consider when selecting your liner color. Dark liners may help absorb heat and therefore warm your water up for you.
Another plus is that they may hide some debris and not show dirt as much.

However, the darker the liner, the more that liner will be susceptible to bleaching due to chlorine and sun. It is possible it may also age faster due to UV damage. Lighter liners, on the other hand, will be less prone to bleaching and fading and may last longer as a result of less UV exposure. They will reveal more dirt than dark liners and will push you to keep up with cleaning.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the natural aqua look in the medium hue spectrum may balance both advantages and disadvantages.

There are many things you should consider when choosing pool liners that best suited you.

It includes:

  • Colors: Dark liners may absorb heat and thus warm your water up for you. Lighter liners will not be as prone to bleaching and fading and may last longer owing to less UV exposure. The natural aqua look anywhere in the middle hue range may balance these advantages and drawbacks.
  • Pattern: Liners will likely have two different patterns. Single light colors will show the seam more readily as well. You might want to consider the colors of your pool’s patio or surrounding area that maybe you want to pick up. The best pattern is a wavy, swirl, or abstract pattern.
  • Thickness: A thicker liner is more durable, puncture resistant, and less likely to leak over time. Thicker liners can be more difficult to install, as they are not as elastic (stretchy) as thinner liners. Liner thicknesses usually range between 20 and 40 mil.
  • Ground Water: Make sure to check the water table around your pool is low so that when you empty your pool the outside ground water pressure isn’t so great that it causes the walls of your pool to cave. Make note of recent rains which temporarily raise your ground water levels.
  • Troubleshooting: If you are replacing your liner, consider inspecting skimmer plates, jet fixings, pool lights, and drain covers. If you have any major dents or places where the underlying vermiculite was not smooth, it would also be a good time to re-trowel.
  • Life expectancy: There are many factors that can determine a pool liner’s life expectancy. Chlorine, UV rays, freeze/thaw cycles and whether you have a pool cover will all contribute to your liners life expectancy. Prices depend on the size and type of liner you choose.

Final Thoughts

An excellent swimming pool is attractive, waterproof, long-lasting, smooth to the touch, and low-maintenance. Aqualux pool liners are all of this and more. Making them the ideal pool surface finish for any in-ground pool and why it is Blue Pools’ number one choice. Aqualux pool liners are specially designed for the tough Australian environment. They have a coating to prevent germs, making them extremely simple to clean.

There are many reasons to choose an Aqualux pool liner instead of the current surface finish. Whether constructing a new pool, replacing an existing in-ground or above-ground pool liner. Remodeling a painted, pebbled, tiled, or even fibreglass in-ground pool. We can install pool liners in any form, even over stairs and curved surfaces. We can also match them with one of our pool covers for maximum protection and maintenance.

Contact us now to learn how an Aqualux pool liner may improve the look of your pool.