Fibreglass pools : Flinders Range

Introducing the latest addition to the Summertime Pools lineup, a fusion of the finest elements from our most beloved styles, crafting the ultimate family-sized pool designed for both enjoyment and tranquility.

Stretching generously at 8m in length, the inviting design of the Flinders incorporates user-friendly steps, ensuring a secure entry into the pool, alongside an extended bench seat running along its side.

With a width of almost 4m, there’s ample space for energetic kids to play freely while adults unwind undisturbed, creating the perfect balance for family recreation and relaxation. Experience the epitome of family-friendly pool design with the Summertime Pools Flinders range.

Size Options: 5m, 7m, 8m
Key Features
  • Large, open swimming area
  • Easy access entry steps
  • Long bench seat
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell
  • Easy clean and maintenance

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