Top 10 Fantastic Pool Fencing Ideas and More

Pool Fence Design Ideas

In the swimming pool planning and building process, future pool owners usually have copious things to consider regarding the swimming experience, like the filtration system, pool tiles, maintenance, etc. Because of that, some other essential angles usually got left out, especially the safety issues, which is a problem that lots of current pool owners met withal.

The most prevalent way to set up protection measurements is to install fences. Having them around your swimming pool is worth concern about because the last thing you would want is for young children or pets to fall into it. Plus, pool fences can keep the privacy aspect in check and add more style bonuses when combined with your already-exist backyard fencing ideas.

Therefore, pool fences are worth the time and effort to choose the suitable fence material and style for your needs If you are pondering installing a pool fence and more essential details regarding them, let us at Blue Pools and Spas – The top pool builder across Australia act as a guide for your trip.


To usher you into the idea of pool fences and where they play in the overall pool concept of a pool, here are 10 of the most common pool fence design ideas for you to select. From wood fencing ideas to some more modern takes, we have aligned them into three categories/styles for you:

Natural Swimming Pool Fence Ideas

1.Rustic Fences for your pool

A rustic fences idea for a large backyard pool

This wooden fence design generally focuses on the beauty aspect, with lovely but simplistic wood carvings to bring you closer to the olden days.

2. Stone Pool Fences

A steady stone fence at a house in the woods

Solid barriers from hard and steady rocks from this black pool fencing design can ensure privacy to the max whilst providing high-class energy to the pool.

3. Plants Fences – Close to nature

A mesh fence idea combined with white pool fencing

Bring more green layers to your backyard with this plain-sailing concept. The most common plants type is hedges, but you can also choose bamboo or palm trees to have even more shades.

Traditional Fence Design Ideas

4. Wooden Pool Fences – Old-school design idea

A lovely wooden fence

The most common route for a full-on wooden pool fence set-up is staunch walls of cypress, redwood, or timber pool fences to tighten up the safety and privacy criteria.

5. Mesh Pool Fences

The classic mesh fence with many mesh pieces

Even though it lacks some aesthetic looks, this classy, easy-to-install choice is beloved for being one of the cheapest pool fence options.

6. Picket Pool Fences

A lovely white picket fence for simple needs

Another classic fence option. This white pool fencing design brings a homey feel to the pool. Plus, this fence type can go really well with your backyard garden.

Modern Design Fences for Your Swimming Pool

7. Concrete + Brick Pool Fences

Fancy concrete or brick fences to highlight the yard

Steady layers of concrete and bricks can be easily combined with other pool fence design ideas to create solid but modern backyard guarding borders.

8. Aluminum Pool Fences

A  simple but effective aluminum fence idea

Although the aluminium fences look almost identical to the mesh fences above, this material can make stronger fences than the latter while still keeping a classic and straightforward picture overall.

9. Wrought Iron Pool Fences

A black wrought iron fence or garden barrier

People often add decorative details or spikes above when making fences with this specific material.

10. Glass Fences – Modern design ideas

A deluxe glass fences idea for to accentuate  a simple bath

One of the newest beloved trends in pool fence installation. Glass pool fences can bring a luxury value to your pool and give the best view of the bunch above without asking for a high-end cost.


The answer to this question relies on many aspects, such as the material choice, the style you prefer, etc. Therefore, we have listed below some main elements necessary to take close looks at when choosing the ideal pool fences for your bath.
Depending on your budget and skills, you can gather valuable information to get the most money-suitable and compatible way to put a fence around a pool with the info beneath.

  • Some Material Suggestions For Fences Around A Pool/backyard

If you want to go the easy and quick route, aluminum simple wood posts are adequate materials to have. Steel wires and wrought iron are also austere enough to keep everything simple while giving a steadier feeling at the same time. If you have more time for the matter, you can build walls from concrete, which are also great as backyard fences.
Wood or plants are fancier but worthy options for pool fences with natural vibes. With wood, the most common kinds are timber, pine, and cedar, though depending on your requirements, cypress or redwood could be good alternatives as well. With plants, bamboo is both cheap and easy to apply when uniting with simple metal wires. However, despite their lovely looks, hedges may need extra maintenance than other plants.
But overall, nothing can surpass glass and stone fences in delivering luxurious feelings. Glass, through its unique transparent feature, can provide a great sightseeing experience with no blocky barriers standing in your way. Contrary, stones are lovely if privacy is your top priority.

  • In Consideration Of Pool Fence Design Ideas For Your Bath

As stated above, the pool fences style is totally up to your overall pool design, with three main categories to consider – natural, traditional, and modern.
If you feel a bit more adventurous, you can also combine different styles and specific ideas to create a unique fashion for your swimming pool, such as metal and concrete or wood and stone. After all, creativity has no boundaries!

  • Common Colors That People Love For Fences

Black and white are the most typical choice for fences with materials like stone, wood, metal, etc. Wood, especially, can come in brown, dark brown, and so on, depending on the type of wood.
If you want to colour more green in your pool surroundings, plants would be your choice. It would be great for adding shades too.
Again, glass is the standout member in the group because it has no colour due to its translucent nature. However, you can customize it with colour LED lights or decorations to make it more colourful and sparkly.

  • Estimated Cost For Pool Fences In Australia

There is a list of estimation prices for each type of pool fence below for review purposes. But to make a quick comparison, stone, glass, and high-end wood is the most expensive material due to their vibe and ability, followed by common wood and metal. On the other hand, some plant options could be reasonably cheap if you know your way around the matter.

  • On Installing A Pool Fence

You can absolutely have a fun and interesting DIY project when installing mesh fences or simple picket and aluminium fences. For other complicated types like stone or glass, you might need to hire some experts for the job.

  • Some Fence Maintenance Notes To Consider

Plants are on the top of the leaderboard for needing frequent upkeep, like watering and trimming to keep them fresh and healthy. Wooden or metal fences could be in good condition for a lengthy time, though you might need to take a look once every few years. Conversely, steady materials like stone, glass, and concrete can last almost forever without any means of caring measures.


Types of material pool fences

Estimation cost per linear meter
Wood – Timber / Pine $200 to $350
Wood – Redwood / Cypress $450 to $650
Plants – Hedges $45 to $75
Plants – Bamboo

$55 to $80

Metal – Wire / Mesh $75 to $85
Metal – Aluminum $80 to $150 
Metal – Steel $250 to $300  
Metal – Wrought Iron $450 to $600
Concrete + Brick $550 to $800
Stone $800 to $1200
Glass $200 to $600

The final price could also vary depending on how many materials you choose, the type of design that you decide on, etc., to name a few.



Pool fences are one key aspect of a pool that needs more consideration from pool owners. They are required to maintain protection for younger visitors and privacy for personal swimming needs. A great pool fences design could also add more characteristics to your bath in general.

The total cost of pool fences varies for many reasons, like the type of design and material, total labour cost, maintenance fee and some best pool fence design ideas that we give you can refer to above.

If this seems to be a matter you would rather have professionals to manage, then now is the time to contact Blue Pools and Spas, one of the best problems solver teams for pool instalments and pool fencing across Australia.

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