Plunge Pool – The Ideal Choice for Limited Spaces


Lounging in a lovely swimming pool on a hot sunny day is undoubtedly one of the wildest dreams for many families with limited house square footage, with a small backyard or even none. Well, prepare your swimsuit now, because Blue Pools and Spas – Australia are here to save the day with two magic words: “plunge pool.”

This swimming pool concept would be an ideal choice for small-scale houses for containing many benefits of having a pool while taking just a modest place in your home.

Throughout this article, we will unravel those benefits and give more information to explain why a lovely plunge pool is a perfect answer for your cozy Australian home’s needs, all the way from Melbourne to Sydney.

What Makes The Plunge Pool Different from Others?

Unlike a traditional pool with vast width and height, the plunge pool is designed to be built on a much smaller scale, while still being highly customizable to fit the owner’s design and their house’s situation. Likewise, the depth is usually being toned down, but again, you can twist the measures however you like to fit what you need.

The main reason behind this ”bijou” concept is not for pool parties or to freely swim around but for personal-relaxing purposes for adults and for kids to enjoy with ease, which makes this a fantastic choice for newlyweds and small families. A cheaper cost is also a plus when considering this pool type.

Correspondingly, common ideas can also be varied, including, but not limited to, the backyard corner, next to your balcony’s seat, wrap-around the lines of your house, or even indoors with a sauna-type situation!

Here are some of our favorite picks on pool designs for your consideration!

Backyard Plunge Pool

A small but simple and lovely plunge pool design in a limited backyard.

It cannot be a list of pools without mentioning the classic. The plunge pool will specially fit a miniature-type backyard while saving much available space left for plants and giving you the freshness that you need on a hot summer day at the same time.

Even if your petite backyard only has one empty corner left, there is still a pool idea for you! A corner plunge pool with a wedge-shaped design would even create a better setting for lounging with your back.


Stock Tank Pool

A typical stock tank plunge pool design

This is a neat idea for small pool intentions. It saves even more space than a regular square or rectangle-shaped pool, and its curves add a certain sexiness to your overall pool location.

Plunge Pool Spa Combination

You can swim or relax however you like with this pool idea

With the addition of a whirlpool or spa-type equipment next to your reasonable-sized plunge pool, you can create the ultimate ”pool and spa” experience right inside your small, cozy home.

You can even consider adding a small, sauna-type pool to your bathroom to provide all the relaxation you need after a long day at work.

Balcony Plunge Pool

Balcony plunge pool is a great choice if you need a chilly moment

Now you can have the option to chill in the water while enjoying the view on the balcony instead of just sitting.

No, we are not playing around with you here! Thanks to its small scales – one of its best features, period, you can even transform your balcony into a top-notch swimming experience! Higher budgets can also lead to an infinity pool experience that you can only get in fancy hotels!

How does a plunge pool benefit you?

The most obvious reason for choosing a plunge pool would be to utilize any vacant spot you desire throughout your home while earning many values that a sweet, relaxable, and cool swimming pool can bring. Simple personalization also adds another huge plus to the list of reasons.

And of course, by reducing the common pool scales, “How much is a plunge pool?” has never been a ponder among homeowners. Instead of requiring so much building work and large equipment, your creativity would be the thing that will richen the pool. The plunge bath’s flexibility creates many opportunities for owners to adapt it to their homes in numerous ways.

Because its intention is to be built on a small scale, one of its massive strengths lies in its relaxing ability for grown-up users. You can transfer an indoor plunge pool into a cozy spa-sauna setting, or a rooftop pool for developing and maintaining that tan skin of yours. Its average, shallow depth would also be perfect for kids to safely have fun times in the cool water while still under your supervision.

How much does a plunge pool cost in 2022?

Similar to its measures, the typical cost for a plunge pool lies in various ranges. Along with our calculations, several sources have pointed out that an average plunge pool system would cost you about $10,000 to $25,000 or higher, which is still almost half the price compared to the valuation of a concrete pool.


Which are the typical sizes of a plunge pool in Australia?

After researching, we found that the average plunge pool size in Australia would be 2 to 7 meters in length and 2 to 4 meters in width. 1 to 2 meters (shoulder height) is the common depth for the bath, but they can also be adapted for additional depth if required.

Furthermore, there are pre-cast models as well, with the starting scale at 2×3 meters and 1.5 meters deep.

The reference size of pool
The reference size of pool

What are some notices when you build a plunge pool in your house?

Regarding timing, the ideal season to build a plunge pool would be Fall and Winter. There would be many seasonal sales available for many reasons, and the weather would help ease all the hard physical work. Plus, if the building process happens during these months, you can enjoy the pool right when the next Summer comes.

And because the plunge pool is all about customization, make sure that you utilize the most out of that available space in your house, and do not hesitate to let your imagination run a bit wild in the design process.

It might be worth mentioning again that it is rather unfit for full-on swimming courses or serving many people simultaneously. Also, kids can easily have lots of fun in this pool type, but only when it stays as shallow as possible. Therefore, please consider carefully if your family needs require things on a bigger scale!


We hope that after this article, a plunge pool will become one of your considerations when thinking about building a swimming pool for your home with limited spaces here in Australia. Its customization is like no other, and with fewer worries about cost, your small house will surely be elevated with this beautiful addition.

And if you want to transform this thought into reality, we here at Blue Pools and Spas – one of Melbourne’s finest names in pool building and renovations – will always be ready for your call.

With many years of expertise and experience from our talented crew members, we promise that your dream of personalized swimming satisfaction at your home will come true.

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